The fusion of two concepts differentiates this home from other run-of-the-mill, industrial-themed interiors. LYNN TAN finds out how this was achieved.

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The fusion of two concepts differentiates this home from other run-of-the-mill, industrial-themed interiors. LYNN TAN finds out how this was achieved.

The couple managed to find some interesting pieces from Taobao such as this red sideboard that matches the CGI panels.

This five-room flat in Sumang Walk is the matrimonial home of engineer Louis Chen and Sophie Ang, an assistant customer service manager. As it was procured under the HDB Sale of Balance Flats exercise, they were able to collect the keys within a year and a half. An online search for an interior design firm brought them to Fuse Concept. “We looked through the portfolio, liked what we saw and decided to engage them,” says Louis. 

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The interior is a perfect complement of industrial and rustic elements.

With interior designer Andrew Poh on board, the renovation process went full steam ahead. “We were able to make prompt decisions because we knew what we wanted, so the whole scheme came together very quickly,” says Sophie. Andrew adds: “Louis and Sophie shared lots of images with me, including mood boards and other details, so I had a very clear direction.” 

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The aeroplane fuselage armchair reflects Louis’ engineering background.

The brief was to create a home with a blend of industrial and rustic elements, which is apparent the moment you enter the home. The shoe cabinet at the entrance is actually part of a movable door that conceals the entrance to the household shelter. The fusion of rustic wood laminate with dark grey wire mesh sets the stylistic tone for the rest of the interior.

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Louis and Sophie got the idea for using neon light tubes to form a character from Instagram.


A couple in their 20s 

HOME A five-room HDB in Punggol

SIZE 1,200 sq ft

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Combining store-bought pieces such as the TV console from Commune with DIY pieces such as the coffee table, the living room showcases the owners’ design flair and hands-on approach.

The cement screed floor, a feature characteristic of the industrial theme, continues past the foyer and into the living and kitchen-cum-dining areas. One’s attention is invariably drawn towards the right, where an open-concept kitchen with an island takes centre stage against a backdrop combining red corrugated galvanised iron (CGI) sheets and neon light tubes that form the Chinese character for ‘home’. 

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The homeowners opted for a green study wall because they love plants and greenery.

“These CGI sheets are used in the fabrication of shipping containers and were sourced by the homeowners. The customisation took meticulous planning and impeccable workmanship, cutting them to size and installing them with wall plugs,” Andrew explains. The red CGI cladding extends to the ceiling above the island and continues along the corridor leading to the bedrooms, demarcating zones within the home without the use of walls. 

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From top: By completely hacking away the kitchen wall and converting the study room wall into a parapet with glass on top, the apartment feels more open and spacious; The kitchen island doubles as a dining table with drawers built into the sides.

The living room was deliberately kept sparsely-furnished. The couple hosts frequent gatherings, so this frees up space for guests to move around in. The CGI sheets make their appearance here as well, taking the form of a feature wall painted grey to achieve a raw, unfinished effect. Another eye-catching element in the living room is the coffee table. Comprising stacked wooden pallets with a glass top, it was lovingly and ingeniously hand-built by the owners.

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The original master bedroom and guest room doors were replaced with barn doors for that rustic look.

Partitions were erected in one corner of the master bedroom to carve out a walk-in wardrobe. The sleeping area is defined by an elevated platform, above which is the bed with storage space. The difference in levels establishes a very private realm within the master bedroom and adds to the cosiness befitting a resting space. 

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The master bedroom illustrates simplicity at its best.

When Louis and Sophie first got married, they were living with his parents so, naturally, they were thrilled to finally have a place of their own. “We love hanging out in the living room,” says Louis. “I also spend a lot of time at the kitchen-cum-dining island area because it makes a great space for my embroidery group,” shares Sophie.

Photography DARREN CHANG

Art direction NONIE CHEN