Mission: Numb The Pain!

What’s worse than being sick? Tending to your sick manboy!

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What’s worse than being sick? Tending to your sick manboy! You know what it’s like when your man catches a bug: He just wants to hide under the covers, whine, and go AWOL, while you have to soldier on. Here’s a product that’ll make your mission of care a lot easier.

He can climb obstacle courses and is your biggest cheerleader in every skirmish. But let’s face it: Guys in our lives do morph into giant babies when they have a sore throat. No matter how minor the ailment, when he’s feeling under the weather, he acts like he’s the only game in town. Groan.

But hey, maybe there is some evidence that he has a weaker immune response to respiratory viruses, making him more susceptible to viral illness – as suggested by a clinical assistant professor in Canada, Dr Kyle Sue + , in the British Medical Journal last year. Or maybe he’s just being dramatic. Whatever it is, you don’t want him to self-destruct in under 60 seconds, and you don’t want to let his sore throat spoil your girls’ night out either.

So we accept the mission to help him numb his sore throat pain fast with Difflam Forte Anti Inflammatory Throat Spray. The soothing spray relieves pain and swelling in the mouth and throat by acting as a local anaesthetic. It triggers numbness, and pain reliefcan be experiencd from 60 seconds* once it is sprayed on, thanks to the key ingredient, benzydamine hydrochloride. This active ingredient helps reduce inflammation which is the primary cause of sore throat pain.

Plus, the long nozzle makes it easy to reach and target any spot – whether it’s your throat, gums, or a hard-to-reach mouth ulcer which may be a challenge for your regular range of remedies to relieve. It allows you to target the affected area with just the right amount for fast-acting relief from 60 seconds*. All you need is two to four sprays on the troubled spot, every one and a half to three hours.

And it is available over the counter through a pharmacist. It’s even suitable for children as young as six years old (for six- to 12-year olds, it’s two sprays onto the troubled spot every one and a half to three hours).

Difflam Forte Anti Inflammatory Throat Spray tastes minty-fresh – all the better for when you lean in for a peck. It’s also free from sugar, lactose and gluten, so there’s hardly any reason why your man can’t carry this pocket-sized throat spray around. Don’t let him be a bigger “baby” than he already is.

There, mission accomplished!

For further information, please refer to the Product Information Leaflet. If symptoms persist, please consult your health-care professional. Individual response may vary.

SG-2018-10-0004 *Data on file, iNova Pharmaceuticals + Sue K., The Science Behind “Man Flu”, BMJ 2017; 359:j5560 
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