Sozo Aesthetic Clinic aims to take you back to the days when you had firm skin that was clear of dark spots, scars and unwanted tattoos, and a head full of hair.

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As you get older, you are meant to become wiser. And while you may be generally fine with most of your choices from your younger days, you may regret some decisions such as spending too much time in the sun, not taking better care of your skin, not starting skincare earlier, and/or neglecting your hair.

The good thing is that we live in an age of technology that makes it possible to change some things about our appearance, so that our regrets can be minimised. Located in the heart of Singapore’s central business district at One Raffies Place, Sozo Aesthetic Clinic offers a wide range of treatments that target pigmentation problems, acne scars, unwanted tattoos, slackened skin and hair loss.

Led by Dr Justin Boey, Sozo is billed as the first clinic in South-east Asia to offer Lutronic PicoPlus, a leading pico laser treatment that tackles hyperpigmentation, tattoos and acne scars. Dr Boey is a pioneer provider of Regenera Activa, a minimally invasive hair loss treatment.


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Ultraformer 3 HIFU is a non-invasive, needleless treatment that delivers precise, targeted ultrasound waves to heat up collagen to approximately 65-75 deg C. This is thought to activate healing and collagen production so skin looks lifted and feels firmer. It can make facial contours appear sharper and reduce the look of a double chin, too. Results may last up to 12 months after one session. Dr Boey, who has performed more than 200 full-face HIFU treatments, was certified in South Korea at Classys (the developers of Ultraformer). From $1,800 a session for the whole face.

Another treatment is Infini, which sends fractional radio-frequency energy into the deep layers of your skin using gold microneedles. This is thought to trigger collagen production and reorganise the collagen structure so skin feels firmer. It is meant to treat sagging skin, fine lines and enlarged pores, and can also reduce the look of acne scars. From $850 a session for the whole face.


Lutronic PicoPlus pico laser is an advanced second gen laser that emits light pulses in picoseconds, which makes for a faster, more effective treatment. The picoseconds laser breaks down hyperpigmentation into smaller fragments that are more easily removed by the body. This also means you need fewer sessions than with traditional laser procedures. It is also meant to treat wrinkles, large pores, uneven skin tone, irregular skin texture and acne scars. From $180 a session.


Regenera Activa is described as a hair-restoration procedure that uses micro-grafts. The three-step treatment begins after local anaesthesia. Three to five small skin samples are extracted from the back of your scalp and subjected to the Regenera Activa device, which extracts 100,000 cells that have potent regenerative abilities. These cells are then injected into the areas of your scalp that have suffered from hair loss. Over the next 12 months, the treatment promises to encourage hair growth in the treated spots, and is also said to improve the appearance of your existing hair. From $3,700 a session.

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