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Doom Eternal

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Doom (2016) was my favourite shooter of all time. The soundtrack, weaponry, atmosphere and level design all made for one of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had. Doom Eternal is twice as good. It takes the first-person shooter formula id Software pioneered with the original Doom (1993) and perfects it. It challenges your skill at every turn, enriches Doom’s lore with aplomb, and throws you into spectacular-ly-designed arenas with some of the most jaw-droppingly detailed environments in all of gaming. 

Doom Eternal picks up two years after Doom (2016). Hell has arrived on Earth. 60% of humanity has been utterly wiped out. The Slayer hears their cries for help on his Fortress of Doom (not joking), cocks his shotgun, teleports to Earth and gets back to doing what he does best.

Every cutscene is short and sweet; never betraying the tone of the franchise - pushing players from one level to the next organically while making them feel like the biggest badass in the universe. Play-ers can pick up codex entries throughout the game, which serve to inform them on the lore of the world - such as who governs hell, what the Makyrs are, and how the Slayer got so strong in the first place. That works nicely for both types of Doom players - the ones who just want to make demons explode like meat balloons, and the ones heavily invested in lore.  

The early levels of Doom Eternal definitely take some adjusting to, even if you’re jumping on right after Doom (2016). Many things have changed, and the combat has become much more cerebral as a result. It has a unique combat loop that you won’t find anywhere else, pushing you to be as tactical as possible without sacrificing fun factor. Ammo is much more limited this time around, but you can chainsaw enemies for more ammo. Demons hit harder, but you can use your Flame Belch ability to replenish armour. Enemies may overwhelm you - but glory kills will give you a steady stream of health. Combat feels drastically different, and by that, I mean much, much better. 

One of the major selling points of this series is that it allows you to shoot things and feel like a god while doing so. No other game does this better than Doom Eternal. Sure, it makes you work for it, but by doing so it makes you feel like you’ve truly earned every victory you claim over the demons. It never feels unfair even in its most challenging moments because you’re just learning how combat works with every death. The game even gives you generous amounts of extra lives to mitigate that!

Gunplay is phenomenal. Each weapon in the Slayer’s arsenal plays its part in battle perfectly, and are all a joy to use regardless of what your favourites might turn out to be. The Super Shotgun is a classic, and watching it turn demons’ insides into outsides at close range will never get old. Other weapons like the Chaingun and Ballista tear through demons like they’re nothing, and fantastic weapon feedback lets you feel that in the most satisfying way. 

Speaking of demons - id Software really nailed it this time around. Not only do they look fantastic, but they’re all purpose-built to spice up combat in unique ways. The Marauder for example, has proven to be rather controversial due to his difficulty. Personally, I adored the character and the fights I got into with him.

While Doom (2016) consisted of just three different locations, Doom Eternal is almost impossibly bigger. Each level is breathtakingly beautiful, and an absolute treat to explore. You’ll be rewarded for every bit of poking and prodding you do, whether it’s with a music track from Quake II or a cheat code for infinite lives. 

There’s a new multiplayer mode called Battlemode that pits the Slayer against two player-controlled demons. I do like it - but a lot less than the campaign. On a casual level, it is much easier for demons than Slayers. Demons can work together, spawn endless hordes of other AI-controlled demons, block the Slayer’s loot and use various other abilities against him to win. The slayer on the other hand, only has himself.

Doom Eternal is brilliant. It has the most gorgeous environments and well-designed levels to navigate in a shooter, hands down. Combat encounters are challenging, boss battles are often showstoppers, and the sound design - from the explosions of bloody viscera to the pulse-pounding soundtrack underneath it all, is pitch-perfect.

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Battlemode is a lot of fun, but it demands much more skill from the Slayer than it does the demons.
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There are tons of collectibles if you explore every nook and cranny, even fully playable versions of the original Doom 1 and 2.
One of the greatest shooters of all time and by far, the best Doom game ever.  
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id Software


Bethesda Softworks


First-person Shooter


PC, PS4, Xbox One, Stadia 

Single, Multi