Dream Cruises puts on its version of eat-play-love on the big blue. 星梦邮轮打造理想海上个人之旅.

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Dream Cruises puts on its version of eat-play-love on the big blue. 星梦邮轮打造理想海上个人之旅.

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THIS PAGE: Dream Cruises set sail from Hong Kong. OPPOSITE PAGE: Zouk Beach Club
on top deck 本页:云顶梦号从香港起航对页:顶层甲板的Zouk Beach Club
THIS PAGE: Dream Cruises set sail from Hong Kong. OPPOSITE PAGE: Zouk Beach Club on top deck 本页:云顶梦号从香港起航对页:顶层甲板的Zouk Beach Club

Weighing 151,300 tonnes at 335m with a passenger capacity of more than 3,000 across 18 floors, Genting’s cruise line, Dream Cruises, is a floating giant. Officially in service since last November, the ship loops to and from Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Nansha and Okinawa in three- to five-day itineraries, and in December, from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Phuket, Surabaya and North Bali.

Branding itself as Asia’s luxury cruise, Genting is anything but subtle: a vibrant mural at the hull of the boat makes it immediately recognisable; and fluorescent LED lights with phrases like ‘Genting Dream’, ‘Dream Cruises’, or ‘I love (insert name of port)’ flash across the upper decks declare its arrival at each destination. Flamboyance sometimes comes with a dash of humour, especially when it’s experimenting with fusing the predominantly Western concept of cruises with Asian culture. Ie: ice cream machines are placed beside oriental condiments like soy and XO sauces; and Italian restaurant, Bistro by Australian chef Mark Best, serves a bread basket and appetiser plate of salami and Chinese preserved sausages (the Cantonese lap cheong and yun cheong).

Fun nonetheless: all aboard!


Boasting more than 20 F&B outlets, of which two are inclusive, Dream Cruises offers a plethora of Chinese, Malaysian, Italian, Japanese menus and even something for health nuts at Crystal Life Cuisine, which serves vegetarian spring rolls, fresh-pressed fruit juices and yoghurts speckled with berries. To splurge, opt for the Gelateria on the broadwalk (we highly recommend the chocolate sea salt flavour or the affogato) or raise pinkies on deck eight’s champagne and cocktail bars, Johnnie Walker House, Penfolds Wine Vault and – something even fancier – the Humidor Cigar Lounge.

A safe bet with the best view in the house is the top deck Lido Buffet with meals offered almost around the clock; but since it’s inclusive in the cruise package, expect rowdy crowds though its colossal dining area makes it possible to find quieter corners to watch the clouds go by. Also inclusive is the double-decker Dream Dining Room, which serves a set Chinese menu of chow mien, dim sum, fried rice and Asian delicacies like jellyfish salad brought to the table by servers clad in red cheongsam.

Summer in Asia may not be the most ideal for Hot Pot on the Boardwalk, but don’t miss out the Miyako-jima beef at Japanese restaurant Umi Uma – which is split into sit-down dining, sushi bar and teppanyaki stations – as well as the aforementioned Bistro by Chef Mark Best. Though the executions vary, the meat truly deserves ‘melt-in-yourmouth’ praise with textures that mimic ox tongue more than beef as we’ve come to understand.

The 24-hour Blue Lagoon is perfect for midnight snacks with guilty pleasures ranging from Chinese sweet soups, wonton noodles to chicken wings; or hop over to Bar 360 for a nightcap as aerial ballerinas and gymnasts, live bands and dancers show off their moves on a stage that stretches across three floors.


Designed for thrill seekers is a 10m high obstacle course – which sounds like a walk in the park until you actually climb to the top – overcoming wobbly planks, a five-metre-wide spiderweb that looks out to the open seas and finishes with an over-water zip line. The adrenaline-pumping experience of the waves lapping 18 decks below you is definitely worth a try.

The rock-climbing wall and waterslides cater to all ages. For something more low key, take part in their table tennis tournaments or games at the mini golf course. Indoor glow-in-the-dark bowling and arcade ensure guests can still get competitive in areas where air-con is in full blast.

Pre- and post-dinner are met with shows in its 999-seat theatre. Aside from Cabaret style Latin dancing and a live band performing favourites like Hit the Road Jack, Always In Mind and some originals, Dream Cruises has also enlisted a few acts from popular Chinese show China’s Got Talent, bringing on the experience as if the audience was watching the auditions live with the celebrity judges.

Not to be missed, however, is its signature acrobatic show depicting the love story of an astronaut and a mermaid. Daring trampolinists, contortionists and adagio pairs leave mouths agape; but what was equally as impressive was the psychedelic wardrobe: the mermaid’s coral tail stretched almost the full length of the stage as she hung suspended on a hoop on the ceiling; the astronaut twirled in the cyr wheel in a full metallic suit; and dancers showed off costumes not far from ones worn by eccentric personalities on the Hollywood red carpet.

Night owls can check out the pool parties or dance at the rooftop Zouk Club, which is open till the wee hours of the morning, and is strictly 18 or above.


Spanning 1,300sqm, Crystal Life Asian Spa is a communal wellness space lined with sofas for reflexology and beds for meridian energy massages. For a more private experience, head to its sister property on deck 16 featuring a full menu of scrubs, body treatments, facials, gentleman’s barber, salon and even something for the kids.

A must-try is the Quartz Crystal Bed Massage, where you lie on a sheet of warm tiny quartz pebbles and herbal hot compresses are kneaded on the body. Designed to boost circulation and metabolism, sweat is a natural by-product, but you’ll feel fully charged afterwards, your muscles awakened.

Something more conventional is the Pevonia Lumafirm Facial and body treatment, using a product reputed for its efficiency in firming, brightening as well as correcting dark spots and hyperpigmentation – what better way to repair sun damage from days on shore?

For guests opting for nautical excursions, book the Deep Repairing Classic Hair Care to give your locks the pampering they deserve after soaking in the briny deep. Using only natural products from Leonor Greyl, the hair spa tailors treatments so you’re sure to find something suitable. Remember to arrive at least 30 minutes earlier to take full advantage of its hot and cold plunge pools, sauna and steam.

If conventional day-spa treatments are not enough to satisfy your appetite, more invasive treatments are also on-board at Belo Medical Spa, where warts and moles can be removed with carbon dioxide laser; pigmentation is rid with Revlite; rejuvenation and hair removal made possible with Gmax, the list goes on. Its in-house cosmetic surgeon will guide you through every step and make recommendations.


Before the Southeast Asian destinations open up via Singapore in December, the cruise currently stops at Naha, where excursions include typical temple and shopping tours, sightseeing and coral-dying experiences, as well as at Miyako-jima Island, which though most populous among its prefecture, is home to less than 60,000 people. The highlight? Snorkelling and diving at one of the best stretches of sand in Okinawa, Toguchinohama Beach.

Japanese hospitality means diving and snorkelling equipment are well kept, and a cup of hot tea is served immediately to every person leaving the water.

While swimming ability is required for the diving option, even beginners can master the big blue as the water is calm; full-face diving masks mean there’s almost zero chance of choking on water. And to be extra safe, the instructors ushered us throughout the entire journey, diligently asking for a thumbs-up sigal every two minutes to indicate we are alive and well.

Though the ‘dive’ headed only a few metres below surface, the scenery was absolutely breathtaking: clown fish poked through sea sponges, corals resembling cerebral cortex dotted the ocean floor; rainbow-coloured anthias and yellow-striped butterfly fish flutter right at the tip of your nose…it was straight out of a National Geographic documentary.

Admittedly pricey for a single dive (HK$1,730 without meals) with only four spots available for a cruise of more than 3,000 passengers, it was definitely the highlight of the trip. www.dreamcruiseline.com

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THIS PAGE: Bar 360 is a feast for the senses; the cruise has more than 20 F&B outlets.
OPPOSITE PAGE: Can’t sleep? Grab a midnight snack at the 24-hour Blue Lagoon; get
a taste of China at Dream Dining Room 本页:Bar 360缔造一场娱乐感官盛宴;该邮轮
THIS PAGE: Bar 360 is a feast for the senses; the cruise has more than 20 F&B outlets. OPPOSITE PAGE: Can’t sleep? Grab a midnight snack at the 24-hour Blue Lagoon; get a taste of China at Dream Dining Room 本页:Bar 360缔造一场娱乐感官盛宴;该邮轮 拥有超过20家餐饮店。对页:无心睡眠?在24小时营业的蓝湖美食坊享受宵夜;品尝星梦 轩的中国美食。
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排水量达151,300吨,船长335米,18层甲板可容纳超过三千名乘客, 星梦邮轮云顶梦号是一座海上城堡。去年十一月底正式启航,这艘 邮轮提供三至五天往返香港,广州,南沙和冲绳的行程,并将于十二月推 出新加坡往返吉隆坡,槟城,普吉岛,泗水和巴厘岛北部的航线。

以亚洲豪华邮轮为品牌定位,云顶梦号绝对是名副其实:船身充满 活力壁画,使其形象立刻变得鲜明;上层甲板上的荧光LED灯闪烁出“ 云顶梦号”,“星梦邮轮”或“我爱(港口名称)”等字眼,以宣布邮轮抵 达每个目的地。极致奢华的同时,有时候也带有一点点的幽默,尤其是当 它试图将主流西方邮轮概念与亚洲文化融为一体的时候,比如冰淇淋机放 在豉油和XO酱等东方调味品旁边;意大利餐厅Bistro by Australian chef Mark Best供应面包篮,以及萨拉米香肠配中国腊肠与润肠的开胃菜。



星梦邮轮拥有超过20家餐饮店,船票已包其中两国餐厅的消费。船上供应 大量中国,马来西亚,意大利,日本料理,而晶尚生活健康餐吧更供应泰 式素春卷,鲜果果汁和酸奶配浆果等健康选择。想解答的话,可以选择甲 板上的Gelateria(我们强烈推荐巧克力海盐味或Affogato),或者在甲板 8的香槟和鸡尾酒吧Johnnie Walker House、Penfolds Wine Vault,甚至更 高级的雪茄吧Humidor Cigar Lounge体验尊贵享受。

保守一点的选择,是在顶层甲板的丽都自助餐厅一边享用全天候美食,一 边欣赏最美的景致。由于费用已包括在邮轮套票之内,有时难免会有点人 头涌涌,但在其宽敞的用餐区域总可以找到一处安静的角落来坐看云起。 船票还包括双层餐厅星梦轩的餐饮费用,该餐厅供应一系列中式菜肴,包 括炒面,点心,炒饭和海蜇沙拉等亚洲美食,穿着红色旗袍的服务员会体 贴地将美食端到桌上。

亚洲的夏天可能不太适合在甲板上享用火锅,但千万不要错过分为点 餐,寿司吧和铁板烧形式的日本餐厅Umi Uma,Bistro by Chef Mark Best 提供的宫古牛。虽然烹调的方式各有不同,但宫古牛仿如牛舌的质地入口 即溶,超越一般牛肉的滋味。

24小时营业的蓝湖美食坊提供中式甜汤,馄饨面,以至鸡翅,是享受 宵夜的最佳选择;或者转到Bar 360,欣赏空中芭蕾舞和体操表演,现场乐 队和舞者在三层高的舞台上献技,让您度过精彩的夜晚。


专为寻求刺激体验人士而设的10米高障碍训练场 -- 要克服摇摆不定的木 板,穿过直望公海的五米宽蜘蛛网,最后滑过水上滑索完成旅程,这个在 18层甲板之上进行的海上体验保证让你心跳加速,绝对值得一试。

攀岩墙和滑水梯适合所有年龄人士;想选择静态一点的活动,可以参 加乒乓球比赛或迷你高尔夫球赛室内闪闪发光的保龄球馆和游戏机,确保 客人可以在空调环境下继续一较高下。

用餐前后,可以在设有999个座位的剧院里欣赏表演。除了拉丁歌舞表 演,以及一支表演受欢迎曲目《Hit the Road, Jack》、《Always In Mind》 和一些原创作品的现场乐队外,星梦邮轮也邀请了大热综艺节目“中国达 人秀”的表演者,让观众仿如置身于试镜现场,与名人评委一起欣赏参赛 者的演出。

最不能错过的还有其特色杂技表演,故事描述了宇航员和美人鱼的浪 漫爱情故事大胆的杂技员和芭蕾者让观众看得目瞪口呆,而充满迷幻色彩 的表演服装同样令人难忘:美人鱼从天花吊下来,其珊瑚尾巴几乎跟舞台 一样长,宇航员穿着整齐的金属西装,脚踏转轮在旋转,而舞蹈演员的服 饰跟好莱坞明星在红地毯上的华衣美服也不遑多让。

夜猫子可以参加池畔派对,或者在船顶的Zouk Club尽情起舞,甩掉卡 路里。这个俱乐部开放至凌晨时分,只限18岁以上人士进入。


晶尚生活东方理疗是一个公共养生空间,面积达1,300平方米,配备按摩 沙发和经络能量按摩床垫。想享受更私人的体验,可以前往位于16号甲板 的姊妹水疗中心,那里提供全套磨砂,身体护理,面部护理,男士美容理 发,沙龙,甚至可供孩子使用的服务。

一定要尝试的是石英水晶床按摩,躺在一片温暖的小石英鹅卵石上, 暖暖的药草包在身上揉捏,有助促进血液循环和新陈代谢,帮助排汗,让你 充分感受到肌肉被唤醒,再次充满能量。

较传统的疗程包括Pevonia Lumafirm面部和身体护理,采用以有效提 升肌肤紧致度,亮度,改善黑斑和色素沉淀见称的产品,让皮肤经过岸上 曝晒后得到最佳的呵护。

对于热爱海上活动的客人,不妨选择Deep Repairing Classic Hair Care 美发护理,让您的秀发在浸泡海水之后得到应有的修护。仅使用Leonor Greyl的天然产品,该美发中心可提供定制护理,一定可以找到适合您的 疗程。请提前至少30分钟到达,以充分享用其冷热水池,桑拿浴室和蒸 汽浴室。

如果传统的日间水疗不足以满足您的胃口,Belo Medical Spa也提供 更多侵入性的船上疗程,用二氧化碳激光去除疣和痣,采用Revlite净化 色素沉淀,以Gmax毛孔激光恢复皮肤光泽和脱毛等。其驻场整容外科医 生将引导您完成每一步,并提供建议。


十二月开通从新加坡往返东南亚旅游目的地的航线前,云顶梦号目前会停 留那霸,游览活动包括典型的寺庙参观和购物之旅,观光和认识珊瑚礁, 以及游览那霸县内人口最多,但仍不到六万人的宫古岛市。其亮点是什 么?在冲绳最大的沙滩之一Toguchinohama Beach浮潜和潜水。

在这里,您可以感受到周到的日式招待,一切浮潜和潜水设备齐备, 并且会在每一位潜水人士上水时立刻奉上一杯窝心的热茶。

虽然潜水人士都需要懂得游泳,但这样风平浪静的蔚蓝大海,即使是 初学者也可以驾驭,而全脸潜水面罩保证您不会吸入海水。为了更加安全 起见,教练全程给予我们指导,并谨慎地请我们每两分钟向他们竖起大拇 指,以表示我们安然无恙。

虽然这次“潜水”只是将头探入水面下几米,但水中景致绝对令人叹 为观止:小丑鱼在海绵中穿梭,大脑皮层般的珊瑚散布在海床之上,七彩 鲜艳的黑色和黄色条纹蝴蝶鱼就在您的鼻端游过,简直就是鲜活的国家地 理纪录片。虽然一次潜水的收费不菲(港币1730元,不包餐饮),而且只 有四个名额开放给船上三千多名乘客,但绝对是这次邮轮之旅的一大亮点。 www.dreamcruiseline.com

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LEFT: Dream Cruises’ spotlight show features jaw-dropping costumes and acts. ABOVE: Belo Medical Spa offers progressive treatments 左:云顶梦号令人惊叹的特色杂技表演 和表演服装上图:Belo Medical Spa提供侵入性美容疗程。