The future of hair styling

The Dyson Supersonic is a true game changer.

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The Dyson Supersonic is a true game changer.

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Hair dryers have been largely similar since its invention in the 19th century; that is until the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer came along. Four years in the making, with over £50 million spent on development, the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer was born. Unlike conventional and cumbersome hair dryers, the Dyson Supersonic features the Dyson Digital Motor V9, the smallest, lightest and most advanced motor, which spins up to eight times faster than the motors in conventional machines. A smaller motor also means that it can be placed into the handle, making it lighter and easier to use.

Intelligent heat control

An intelligent heat control system ensures that your hair does not suffer extreme heat damage. A glass bead thermistor measures the temperature output 20 times a second, and the microprocessor uses this data to control the unique double-stacked heating element. This protects your hair’s healthy shine, even when you place the hairdryer up close to your head.

Engineered to be quieter

Dyson engineers were able to optimise the acoustics of the Dyson Supersonic. They achieved this by pushing one tone of the machine to beyond the human audible range. Acoustic silencers surround the motor in the handle to further reduce sound levels. This means you can hold a normal conversation, even while drying your hair.

No more accidental burns

Ever been burnt by a hair dryer attachment when you’re trying to switch it out for a different one? The Dyson Supersonic eliminates accidental burns with its double skinned attachments. They are cool to the touch, even after extended use. Plus, the attachments snap on and off magnetically, and they rotate easily; this gives you the freedom and convenience to achieve different styles without the fear of singeing your fingertips.

Form and function combined

Through extensive experience and expertise in aerodynamics, Dyson engineers have invented a solution to age-old problems. The Dyson Supersonic delivers powerful airflow, and achieves a fine balance with its acoustics. As with all Dyson technologies, form follows function. The result is an engineering feat, and a beautiful gadget that is truly a marvel to hold and experience.

Tried & Tested

“It's definitely more lightweight than other hairdryers I've used, which makes it a lot easier on my arms during the 20 minutes it takes to fully blow dry my long hair” – Content Writer Elizabeth Liew “Conventional hair dryers have a tendency to burn my ears while I blow dry my short hair, but I didn't experience that thanks to the Intelligent Heat Control System.” – Deputy Editor Shenielle Aloysis “I sometimes end up breaking my hair dryer attachments because of the way they have to be twisted or snapped on, but the Dyson Supersonic’s magnetic attachments just come on and off easily without burning my fingers.” – Senior Beauty Writer Arissa Ha.

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How it Works:
• Air Multiplier Technology

Using Dyson’s patented Air Multiplier technology, the Dyson Supersonic amplifies the volume of air going into the motor by three times. The Dyson digital motor V9 contains a 13-blade axial flow impeller, which rotates at 110,000 rpm to move 13 litres of air through the motor every second. The result is significantly reduced drying time.

• Double Stacked Heating Element

The motor channels air through the heating element to deliver high-powered heated air for faster drying. Unlike conventional hair dryers, the unique shape of the Dyson Supersonic calls for a custom heating element featuring specially produced Mica tubes wrapped with a chrome aluminium alloy.

The initial design included a loosely woven wire with larger wave shapes which later evolved into a tightly woven pattern with smaller wave to withstand the high speed air which would cause wires to wobble and short circuit. This development process of refining the heating element took three years in order to ensure that the Dyson Supersonic would perform safely.