A refrigerator that can send text messages, operate your washing machine and television, and even play music?* The future is now, with Samsung’s new Family Hub.

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A refrigerator that can send text messages, operate your washing machine and television, and even play music?* The future is now, with Samsung’s new Family Hub.

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Refrigerators are an essential appliance in any kitchen. Not only do they help to keep your meats, vegetables and fruits fresh, fridges are also handy for storing iced beverages to provide relief on a sunny day. But did you know that with the latest development in fridge technology, a fridge can also become the technological center of the home? Saavy homeowners can now bring different parts of the home together via one key appliance in the kitchen: the Family Hub refrigerator by Samsung.

As its name suggests, the refrigerator features stateof- the-art technologies that offer entertainment and communication capabilities, allowing you to enjoy benefits of a fully connected home at the touch of a button, or the sound of your voice.

Expect The Unexpected

For a truly hands-free experience, the Family Hub comes with Bixby, the machine’s built-in voice control system, which is the perfect assistant to help you navigate apps or read your morning brief. What’s more, the Family Hub can also take stock of expiring food in your fridge, and find out what your family will be busy with via the calendar syncing function, and inform you accordingly.*

Forgot your shopping list while you’re on a grocery run? The Samsung Family Hub is capable of showing what’s in your fridge, with pictures snapped by three built-in cameras.*

It also has a SmartThings app, which is a home automation system that connects with other Samsung smart appliances, including robotic vacuum cleaners, washing machines and air conditioners.* Imagine the convenience when you can operate these appliances from the kitchen!

Enjoy Family Time

Tired of stepping onto magnets or post-it notes that keep falling off the fridge door? With the Samsung Family Hub, you can write notes and draw pictures on the touchscreen surface. You can also send reminders to family members on their mobile devices, and ensure that everyone is connected even when they are on the go.^ The SmartThings app can be wired up to your doorbell or security camera, so you can check who’s at the door while you’re cooking, and even communicate with guests.*

Always Entertained

Enjoy your favourite shows in the kitchen by simply mirroring your Samsung television or phone screen on the Samsung Family Hub’s surface.˜ You can also search for your favourite dramas on the Web browser and have it played while you cook!

Always have music in the background too. Whether it’s via Spotify or your favourite local radio stations, you can access them on the Family Hub, which is fitted with a Harman Kardon AKG speaker, for uncompromising sound quality. The Samsung Family Hub revolutionises the use of refrigerators, making it an appliance that pushes boundaries and promises new experiences for individuals and families alike!


* Family Hub requires an internet connection. Apps and services are subject to change without notice. Data usage fees may apply.

^ Compatible with phones with Android 4.4 and higher or iOS 9.1 and higher. Requires internet connection and download of Family Hub App. Data usage fees may apply.

˜ Compatible with Samsung TV 6400 series or 2015 TV models and above.