400hp of German Muscle

That’s a lot of power for a family car.

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That’s a lot of power for a family car.
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There are many ways to build a fast car. One of the most reliable methods is to cram a powerful engine into a small car. And the new Audi RS3 Sedan, which was unveiled at the recent Paris Motor Show, follows this tried-and-tested recipe closely. 

 On the outside, the RS3 Sedan looks like a regular A3, but it has wider wheel arches, fatter tires, a front bumper with larger intakes, and twin large exhausts. It’s all quite subtle, just the way the Germans like it. 

 But underneath, the RS3 Sedan gets the same 2.5-liter turbocharged engine as the fire-breathing TT RS, which means 400hp and 480nm of torque. That’s a lot of power for a small family sedan. The engine is mated to Audi’s 7-speed S Tronic dual-clutch transmission, and power is sent to all four-wheels.  

The end results are predictably quick, 0-100km/h is dispatched in just 4.1 seconds. Top speed is electronically limited to 250km/h. But if unrestricted, the RS3 Sedan will happily plow on through to 280km/h. These are figures that will give bona fide sports cars a run for their money. Audi RS3 Sedan

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