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Bose soundtouch 30 (series iii)

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The SoundTouch 30 (Series III) serves up some subtle but welcome changes this year that put it on par with the rest of the competition. The new speaker brings Bluetooth and better High Resolution Audio support, and once again brought all-around performance that stood out from the competition. It does so at a slightly lower cost too, making it better value than before. We like that the performance translates across genres, and that, even with just the one unit you get quality room-filling sound. The one area where it could do with improvement is in terms of supported music streaming services. That’s something it lags behind the competition. Still, it’s hard to argue against quality, and this was clearly the most refined and versatile audio performer of the group.

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It seems Samsung is serving up quite the selection of value performers this year, as the WAM7500 has turned out to be a very decent performer that held its own against some of the more established competition. It’s served by a nice app and we’re glad to see that they were able to work quickly to allow the speakers to perform without the hub unit, which was a major grouse with the last series. The implementation of 360-degree audio really does seem to work well, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see more companies look towards this approach. Overall, we’d say the WAM7500 offers good value as it presents enjoyable renditions across most genres and gives you great sound no matter where you place it.