A precision headset for mobile VR

A polished headset that works with both Android and iOS smartphones.

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A polished headset that works with both Android and iOS smartphones. 
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A lot of people are betting that virtual reality (VR) is the next frontier, and for good reason. The experience is immersive in a way that no other format can match, transporting you into real and imagined worlds far beyond the limits of your personal location. 

But for VR to work, the experience has to be seamless, as if there’s nothing separating you from the image. ZEISS, a company with a rich heritage in world-class lenses, is a master of both transparent optics and ergonomic design, which makes them perfectly fitted for making the glasses that bring you into the virtual world. 

The ZEISS VR ONE Plus is the upgraded version of the company’s award-winning VR ONE virtual reality headset for mobile. 

It’s designed with the same smart ergonomics, quality materials and precision ZEISS optics as the original, but it adds a new universal smartphone tray that works with any Android or iOS device with a screen size of 4.7 to 5.5 inches. The VR One Plus also works with augmented reality; the front faceplate is transparent and works with apps that use the front camera.

The VR ONE Plus has been carefully considered for comfort. It has a removable head strap that lets you easily adjust the fit, and the foam inserts that support your face can be easily replaced after heavy use. If you wear glasses, a measured amount of space between your eyes and the oculars fits prescription glasses comfortably.