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Moshi Lounge Q

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Wireless charging is a godsend. Finally, we have a way to juice up our phones without the need for pesky cables, which, for some reason, is always tangled up or never where you think you last left them.

And the Moshi Lounge Q is one of the best wireless chargers that I have had the joy of using.

To start, it looks nice. Moshi says the design was inspired by Danish furniture and it won’t look out of place at all in an Ikea catalogue. It’s also made out of quality materials.

The Lounge Q is mostly covered by soft grey microfibre and it features a sturdy aluminium base. The charging surface sits on stainless steel rails and is adjustable. This means you can move the charging surface up and down the rails, which makes it easy to charge devices of various sizes and in both landscape and portrait orientations.

Even so, I found that it works best for phones. Even with the charging pad moved to the lowest position, I wasn’t able to charge my AirPods Pro with it. 

My Reading Room
My Reading Room

The charging pad sits on rails and can be adjusted to accommodate different devices and orientations. 

As for power, the Lounge Q supports the Qi Extended Power Profile (EPP) which means maximum charging power is 15W – a great deal more than the usual 5W and 10W you’d find from most other wireless chargers in the market.

That’s not all, the Lounge Q also features Moshi’s Q-coil module that claims to be able to wireless charge devices through cases that are up to 5mm thick. To ensure devices stay in place and not slide off after you left them to charge, the charging surface also has a nonslip silicone ring.

One minor niggle that I have with the Lounge Q is that its non-detachable cable connects via USB-C and no USB-C to USB-A adapter is provided. This means it might not work with your existing USB power adapters or even your systems if they are quite old and do not sport USB-C ports. If it’s any consolation, the cable is long, soft, and comes in a matching shade of grey.

The other unfortunate thing is that all of this style and performance come at a rather hefty price tag. The Moshi Lounge Q is priced at $124.90, which makes it a great deal more expensive than most other wireless chargers. But for the money, you get an elegant wireless charger that’s wellbuilt and provides top-rate charging performance. 

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PRICE $124.90 

My Reading Room
My Reading Room