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It’s time to invest in a watch you’ll love for years to come.

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It’s time to invest in a watch you’ll love for years to come.

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Swatch SKINNOIRIRON, $209 - Swatch SKINBRUSHED, $209 - Swatch SKINBLUEIRON, $209 - Swatch SKINPOLE, $230 - Swatch SKINLINGOT, $279

Every minimalist’s favourite Swatch collection, Skin, has something special to offer this season. For the first time, the range is blending the classic ultra-thin designs it’s known for with eye-catching metallics. Light, strong and tough, it will be your new favourite watch.

Called the Skin Irony collection, this unisex range combines classic lines with contemporary touches, mixing vintage materials such as leather or futuristic silicone with stainless steel to create minimialistic, elegant timepieces that will go with everything.

While you normally have to sacrifice comfort for such a special design, this is not the case with the collection. Comfort was kept top of mind during its creation, so it’s light and fits like, as the name suggests, a second skin.

The Skin Irony collection watches will be with you for every occasion, and the strong materials serve as a reminder that you too are powerful.

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