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Move over skate shoes, there’s a new sneaker trend in town that we can’t wait to sink our feet into.

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Move over skate shoes, there’s a new sneaker trend in town that we can’t wait to sink our feet into.
Corbis/Click Photos.
Corbis/Click Photos.

There’s no denying that sneakers are having a well-deserved moment. If stilettos are like a fancy dinner at a stuffy upmarket restaurant, sneakers are your mother’s homecooked chicken soup. Enter Patrick Japan. Originally founded in France but with production moved to Japan, the label uses materials like mesh, plush leather and suede to create retro-looking shoes that are timeless yet comfortable while still staying true to its sporty roots. Originated by the French, designed by the Japanese, and now available in Singapore. Don’t walk to the store – run.

Turning Japanese

We talk to Head Designer Hiroshi Tsubochi about his shoespirations and the surprising amount of sneakers he owns (it’s much fewer than we thought!).

How is Patrick Japan different from its French counterpart?

In France, Patrick is more of a sportswear label whereas in Japan I wanted it to be more of a casual lifestyle brand with a sporty vibe; designing shoes that you can wear all the time instead of just for sports.

How many pairs of sneakers do you own?

10. I actually own more pairs of leather shoes instead!

If you could wear only one Patrick sneaker for the rest of your life, which model would it be?

A classic model such as the ARTOIS.

Is there a certain type of shoe you will never wear?

It’s difficult to say. I’ll wear any kind of shoe as long as it’s not ugly!

What are your inspirations when designing each collection?

Everything that surrounds me, from art to design to the people I see in my daily life.

What are the upcoming trends for sneakers?

Simple and chic designs. It’s important to strike a balance between elegant and casual.

Why do you think sneakers have become so popular?

Trends have been getting more casual and will continue to be even more so in the future. Sneakers aren’t even a trend anymore – they’re starting to be established as important items in people’s wardrobes.

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