The F1 Successor

McLaren Speedtail

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

McLaren Speedtail

It has taken twenty long years, but the successor to the legendary F1 is finally here. It is called the Speedtail and it will be McLaren’s fastest car ever. Flat out, the Speedtail will pummel toward the horizon at 403km/h. But more amazingly, it can get from 0 to 300km/h in just 12.8 seconds, the same time it takes most compact sedans to do 0 to 100km/h. And just for comparison, McLaren’s own P1 takes 16.5 seconds to reach 300km/h while the old F1 took 22 seconds. 

There are three reasons for its blistering performance. The first is obviously the powertrain. McLaren hasn’t given specifics, but said that the Speedtail will get a hybrid powertrain that will put 1,050hp. Secondly, weight. Thanks to the extensive use of high-tech carbon fiber, the Speedtail will weigh just 1,430kg, giving it a massive power to weight ratio of 740hp per ton. And finally, the Speedtail has loads of trick aerodynamics. The rear section is a large piece of flexible carbon fiber—the largest used on a road car— for smooth airflow, and the edges feature ailerons that adjust the panel to increase or reduce drag. There are no side mirrors too. Instead, when the ignition is turned on, two pods with wide-angle HD cameras will pop out to give drivers a view of their surroundings. They can also be retracted to further reduce drag when owners are ready to gun their Speedtail. 

In tribute to the original F1, only 106 Speedtails will be made with each costing upwards of U$$2.7 million. And all 106 units have already been sold.