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A gentleman driver is not only smooth, but safe, too.

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A gentleman driver is not only smooth, but safe, too.


IF you love driving, chances are you also think you’re pretty handy behind the wheel.

A good driver has keen situational awareness, quick reflexes and great car control.

A gentleman driver, however, isn’t just great behind the wheel. He’s also patient and always drives with the safety of other road users in mind.

Follow these useful tips and you’ll become the gentleman driver respected by guys and admired by ladies.

Telling other drivers to hurry up by honking at them is rude. That driver taking forever to park could be a newbie or elderly person who needs a few moments more to complete the manoeuvre.

Keep some distance between your vehicle and theirs to put less pressure on the other person.

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Aren’t you annoyed whenever you open the door for someone and they walk right past you without a word of thanks? Well, it’s the same when you’re driving. If another driver lets you filter into their lane despite heavy traffic conditions, he or she deserves a wave of thanks.

Wave at pedestrians and cyclists to let them know you’re letting them cross the road. And don’t forget to smile!

If another driver cuts you off in a dangerous manner, don’t bother making rude gestures. They don’t lessen your anger, and if the other driver did it on purpose, rude gestures won’t change their habits.

Not using your indicators because “other drivers will block me from filtering into their lane” is a lame excuse for what really amounts to dangerous driving. Don’t you hate it when your wife expects you to know what she’s thinking? Well, you’re forcing other drivers to do the same by not indicating.

Flashing your high-beams at the driver in front to force him out of your way is rude and could cause an accident. If the car in front doesn’t have an autodimming rear view mirror, you’ll blind its driver with every flash.

Using a smartphone or any other mobile device while driving could be deadly. The second or two you take your eyes off the road to glance at a message could mean the difference between life and death.

And don’t even think about texting while driving. The only time you should be using your phone in the car is if you’re parked and the engine is switched off .

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