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See if they’re ready for the book

“There is such a thing as not being emotionally ready for a book. For instance, when a character has to make choices that are beyond a child’s life experience, it will turn them off the book. To find out how emotionally ready they are, ask what they thought of the characters and what they liked about the stories.”

Seek out books that speak to them

“If your kids are facing school life issues like bullying, true-to-life tales will show them how different characters deal with situations like the ones they’re in.

For example, Marshall Armstrong Is New To Our School by David Mackintosh is about accepting (and being accepted by) the new kid, and is told from a bully’s perspective.

For older kids facing peer pressure, How To Fly With Broken Wings by Jane Elson talks about finding their own identities.”

Sell a good story

“Find books that hook readers with a compelling story. Try The Family Romanov by Candace Fleming . Even if your kids have zero interest in Russian history, it’s an absorbing read.”

Be creative when introducing new genres

“Try a one-for-one deal the next time you visit a bookstore. Your kid gets a book of his choosing and you get to buy him one you’d like him to read. Chances are, once he’s done with his book, he’ll read the one you picked.

Also, try reading one chapter of a new book with him. Just before you come to the climax, stop. He will have to continue if he wants to find out what happens next.”

My Reading Room
My Reading Room
My Reading Room
Local gems for Junior’s personal library

From age 10: The Fibonacci Revelation by Radhika Puri

A pacy mystery novel set in Singapore, this enjoyable romp challenges kids to read at a higher level.

Age eight to 14: Sir Fong’s Adventures in Science by Otto Fong

This illustrated five-book comic series explores science concepts in a fun, engaging manner.

Age eight to 12: Danger Dan Confronts The Merlion Mastermind by Lesley-Ann and Monica Lim

Danger Dan is a timetravelling caper with plenty of local flavour.

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