Detox the natural way and keep festive weight gain at bay with Cheryl W’s Signature Royal Flush Treatment.

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Detox the natural way and keep festive weight gain at bay with Cheryl W’s Signature Royal Flush Treatment.

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Cutting loose during the festive season feels wonderful, but can take its toll on your health and your figure. Think late nights, a rich, fatty diet or too much acidic food, and poor circulation from the lack of exercise. All the above factors can cause the body’s systems to become sluggish as toxins build up. The effects? A feeling of exhaustion, slower absorption of the right nutrients from food, and ultimately, weight gain. But it’s not all doom and gloom. There are ways to stimulate your metabolic rate and get your lymphatic system back on track so that it can properly do its job of eliminating toxins. This is where the made-to-measure Signature Royal Flush Treatment from Cheryl W comes in.


The Signature Royal Flush Treatment is the latest from Cheryl W to help you stay slim in a healthy way. First, a consultation determines the treatment steps that will be tailored to your needs. Next, a non-invasive and pain-free Customised Machine Treatment helps reduce water retention and bloating, then a relaxing Aromatic Steam Bath opens pores and prepares for better absorption of body-care products. This is followed by a customised Body Scrub that is meant to draw waste material from the skin, leaving it smooth and radiant.


The next stage of the treatment involves a Lymphatic Drainage massage and Thermal Heat Therapy. The former is a deep-tissue massage that aims to get the lymphatic system working more efficiently by stimulating the lymph nodes. This is said to help the body flush out waste and improve overall well-being. Finally, Thermal Heat Therapy increases the body’s core temperature and raises the heart rate to mimic exercise and cause sweating – this is reportedly equivalent to 60 minutes of exercise and is said to help burn up to 300 calories. To complement and boost the Signature Royal Flush Treatment, a selection of wellness teas will be recommended to promote detoxification and overall wellness the natural way.