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You can now rock a new, vibrant hair hue without compromising hair health, thanks to Jean Yip’s latest colouring service.

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You can now rock a new, vibrant hair hue without compromising hair health, thanks to Jean Yip’s latest colouring service.

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Want an edgy, new hue but dread the six-hour bleach-and-colour ordeal in the salon chair? Then you’ll love Jean Yip’s new Fancy Colour 2-in-1 service.

Boasting Jean Yip’s latest, innovative colouring technology, Fancy Colour 2-in-1 eliminates the hassles of a conventional dye job, giving you true-tothe- colour-swatch hues – whether you’re gunning for a unicorn ’do, an ombre look or a sophisticated classic shade – in a fraction of the time, without stressing out hair.

Bleaching is almost always a must for edgy hues, and while it makes the colour more vivid, it also damages strands, leaving them dry and brittle. To prevent this (and save you some time), Fancy Colour 2-in-1 does away with the process altogether. In its place: “super lighteners” in the colourant’s formula that promise brilliant, intense colour without weakening your locks.

The colourant used is also specially formulated with natural ingredients that are good for the hair and scalp, such as rooibos tea extract. Rich in vitamin C, it hydrates strands, reportedly has anti-irritant and anti-ageing properties, and is said to protect hair colour from oxidation (read: your stunning new hue will remain vivid for much longer!).

A luxurious conditioning mask applied after will keep your locks soft and smooth – say bye to dry hair and split ends.

Often, you’ll be disappointed with your new hair colour, which tends to be a few shades lighter or darker than the colour swatch you were shown – how much it varies depends on your hair colour prior to the dye job and your hair condition.

But you won’t face that problem with Fancy Colour 2-in-1. Owing to its Micromolecular Technology and the activators used, you’ll get precise results, with full-on colour intensity and depth (so the colour you see is the one you get).

To find out more about Fancy Colour 2-in-1 and/or other services offered, visit or pop by any Jean Yip salon today.

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