Matchmaking packages don’t come cheap. What do you get for your hard-earned cash? CHERYL TANG susses out five agencies

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Matchmaking packages don’t come cheap. What do you get for your hard-earned cash? CHERYL TANG susses out five agencies

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How it works: A one-time registration fee of $68, and an additional $99 (inclusive of lunch or dinner) a date. Register online and select the top three of 11 listed traits you look for in a man, such as age, height, religion, ethnicity, education level, and spoken language. You’ll be informed of suitable matches and the agency will set up dates.

What we like: You pay only when you go on a date, and remain in the agency’s database for two years, during which time you can enjoy unlimited potential matches.



How it works: Prices for each date range from $185 to $355, depending on the package you choose. The package is valid for one year.

What we like: Choose between an actual meet-up or an online chat session – the latter counts as one date in your package (though in that case, you should have just stuck to online dating!). Just sign in to the agency’s chat application from your computer or mobile phone, and chat for as long as you like.



How it works: There are three membership tiers:

Standard: Pay a one-time $49 registration fee to be in their database indefinitely. You may be matched with Privilege and Elite members, but there’s no guaranteed minimum number of dates.

Privilege: From $850 for two guaranteed blind dates within six months.

Elite: This offers VIP privileges like unlimited dates during a fixed period, a dedicated matchmaker who may “headhunt” your ideal mate – like approaching that cute neighbour you never dared to chat up – and date coaching. Services start from $5,000 for a five-month contract period.

What we like: You can be set up on dates with someone from a different membership tier. It’s good if you’re not in any rush to get matched up, but want to keep your options (for meeting an Eduardo Saverin-type) open.

Good to know: Society W claims to have a curated list of members which includes celebrities, billionaires, socialites and successful professionals. Unfortunately, they were unable to allow Her World to road-test their dating service because of their “long waiting list”.



How it works: Prices start from $750 a year for a classic package, which includes three guaranteed matches, an Enneagram profiling session and an hour-long date coaching session.

What we like: The Enneagram profiling session involves a three-hour workshop by a qualified trainer. The personality test is popular among business trainers and coaches – so even if you don’t nab a husband, you’ll get more insight into yourself.



How it works: Basic membership is free though you are not guaranteed any dates. An 18-month package of five guaranteed dates starts from $1,799, while event packages that start from $149 allow you to attend three singles events over five months.

What we like: This is one of the few agencies that offers packages for dating events – others may require you to pay for each event you attend. Gaigai organises an average of two events a week, like laser tag and espresso-making workshops, which attract around 20 participants a session. Pros – you’ll have options. Cons – you won’t be the only woman there. Good to know: All package holders enjoy a one-hour consultation with image consultant agency Fleek Image.


• Most dating packages only guarantee first dates and may not allow you to see photos of potential matches, unless you pay more.

• Some agencies may use software to find you matches. Consider those that actually interview and screen all members. As one puts it: “We go on bad dates for you, so you don’t have to.”

• Ask if package prices include grooming courses, events and the cost of meals at dates.

• Some agencies say their package prices may be negotiable, so it doesn’t hurt to bargain.