Which book do you need right now?

Feeling lost in a black hole of career woes, boy troubles or an existential crisis? Welcome to the (book) club. Now, let us point you towards the words of wisdom that you need most.

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Feeling lost in a black hole of career woes, boy troubles or an existential crisis? Welcome to the (book) club. Now, let us point you towards the words of wisdom that you need most.
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Corbis/Click Photos

A genie grants you one wish, what do you ask for?
a Your boss to see you as the amazing genius that you are.
b Chris Hemsworth. Naked and sporting a man bun, please.
c An all-expenses paid trip around the world with your besties.
d Your ex to move to Antarctica.
e More wishes (yep, there’s always one!).

Which celeb is your messiah?

a Patricia Arquette. Her income-equality speech was everything!
b Blake Lively. Her marriage has set the bar high.
c Cara Delevingne. She’s besties with all of the celebs.
d Taylor Swift – “All You Had to Do Was Stay” is your jam.
e Lena Dunham, because she has the answers to everything.

What is your biggest fear?

a Never getting the promotion you’ve been working your butt off for.
b Being doomed to an endless cycle of bad Tinder dates.
c That your group will drift apart.
d Bumping into your ex on a messy night out.
e Never finding yourself.

Your buds often accuse you of…

a Ditching dinner catch-ups to stay back at work.
b Neglecting them for your BF.
c Spamming them with snapchats.
d Obsessing over your exes.
e Constantly changing your mind about things.

What is your current drink of choice?

a Champers – perf for hobnobbing and schmoozing.
b Glass of red. You know what they say, it’s an aphrodisiac.
c White wine – your gang’s fave label.
d Vodka AKA the break-up remedy.
e Tequila, because you’re craving something exotic.

If you could sit in any chair in the world, which would it be?

a Your boss’ chair. #sorrynotsorry
b The chair opposite Mr Right on a dinner date.
c A barstool beside your best buds for a gossip sesh.
d The couch of your new apartment to get a fresh start.
e A first-class seat to Cambodia to get some thinking done.

What is your most-used app?

a LinkedIn.
b Tinder.
c Snapchat.
d Facebook.
e Tumblr.

Which of the seven deadly sins are you most guilty of?

a Pride.
b Lust.
c Sloth.
d Wrath.
e Envy.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

a Get a part-time job (ideally, while you are still a foetus).
b Don’t start dating too early. Wait until it feels right.
c Never fight with your best friend over a boy.
d Stay away from [insert ex’s name here].
e Map out some semblance of a life plan early.

In five years time, you plan to be…

a Rocking your dream job.
b In a long-term relationship.
c Even closer with your gal pals (if that’s at all possible).
d Completely over your ex.
e Happy.

My Reading Room
My Reading Room

Mostly a s


by Sophia Amoruso... A textbook on being a boss at work.

Why you need it: Sophia’s struggle to get to the top will be all too familiar to you, but – spoiler alert – her years of hard work pay off. Major career inspo right here.

Also read: Bossypants by Tina Fey.

My Reading Room
My Reading Room

Mostly b s


by Andy Jones... A love story that’ll make you never take your boyfriend for granted again.

Why you need it: Following two people who fall in love after 19 days, this book will show you that while it might be easy to fall for someone, it’s another thing to keep the love alive.

Also read: Pride And Prejudice by Jane Austen.

My Reading Room
My Reading Room

Mostly c s


by Mindy Kaling... The diary of a chick like you with friends exactly like yours.

Why you need it: Mindy will make every little aspect of your life make total sense – even your relationship with your besties.

Also read: Yes Please by Amy Poehler.

My Reading Room
My Reading Room

Mostly d s


by Rachel Sussman… A sassy guide to shine a light on your man troubles.

Why you need it: You make excuses for guys being lousy to you; this will teach you how to douche-proof your love life.

Also read: He’s Just Not That Into You by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo.

My Reading Room
My Reading Room

Mostly e s


by Arianna Huffington... A road map to guide you through your existential crisis.

Why you need it: You’re in a wee bit of a slump and need an epic pep talk. The founder of The Huffington Post draws on psychology research and personal experience to show you how to be your best self.

Also read: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.

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