HELP! My hair’s a greasy mess!

Does your greasy mane make you want to tear your hair out? Get your woes sorted by a DRx trichologist.

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Does your greasy mane make you want to tear your hair out? Get your woes sorted by a DRx trichologist.
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“Your body produces both perspiration and sebum, which act as natural cooling and protective agents. But sometimes, your body can overproduce sebum, leading to greasy hair and scalp. The main triggers of sebum overproduction include hormonal imbalance, genetic predisposition, lack of regular shampooing and utilising improper haircare products. The latter, along with bad hair management habits, are the main causes of greasy hair and scalp.

Perspiration, on the other hand, plays an important role in helping your body maintain a healthy temperature by cooling us down, especially when we’re engaged in sports or spending a lot of time under the sun. But if your hair isn’t cleansed properly after excessive sweating, it can be harmful to the hair and scalp due to the lactic acid found in perspiration. So it’s best to shampoo your hair after playing sports or any outdoor activities.

While tying up your hair may help you to cool down, try not to tie your tresses in a bun or tight ponytail as it may lead to gradual hair loss.

To keep your scalp healthy, it’s recommended that you do a regular scalp exfoliation (just like you would on your face), to help get rid of dead skin cells. DRx Medispa’s Purifying Therapy is an essential prologue to any haircare programme as it removes toxins and metabolic wastes from the deep tissues of the scalp, ensuring that it’s primed to receive other treatments. This deep cleansing treatment comprises corrective properties to exfoliate and loosen buildup scales on the epidermis, draw impurities to the surface of the scalp and control excessive secretions for a clear and refreshed scalp.

This treatment also comprises exfoliating and anti-inflammatory agents to soothe and help control flaking and itching by deeply cleansing and purifying the scalp with anti-bacterial and antidandruff agents. The anti-microbial and anti-flaking formula also provides immediate and long-lasting relief from scalp irritation.”