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Unleash the carnivore in you at these meat-tastic eateries.

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Unleash the carnivore in you at these meat-tastic eateries.

Cook & Brew

We were rather skeptical of Cook & Brew’s Broccoli & Bacon Cheese Burger when we first heard about it, but one bite into this indulgent burger had us eating our words. Canadian chef Aaron Foster paired creamed broccoli with maple-glazed bacon in this new dish, and let’s just say we’re glad he chose to experiment.

The creamy sauce complements the meat perfectly, but we suggest sharing this generous portion, which goes for $29, to prevent your palate from being overwhelmed by its richness. If you’d rather stick to the traditional route, go for The Montreal Burger, $34, which includes a copious pile of beef brisket that is cured in-house for over 21 days.

Paired with a juicy beef patty, we guarantee this huge burger will satisfy all your carnivorous needs. PS: all burgers come with a side of shoestring fries (i.e., the solution to all problems in life).

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A Guide to Steak Cuts


As its name suggests, this cut of meat is taken from the area near a cow’s ribs. It is known to be juicy and full of flavour, while remaining tender when grilled well. It has extensive marbling, which makes it easy to identify when you’re shopping for meats.


Taken from the area between a cow’s ribs and rear, tenderloins are usually softer than other types of cuts. Its taste is relatively subtle, so it’s great when eaten raw in dishes like carpaccio or steak tartare.


Not to be confused with a bottom sirloin, a good piece of top sirloin is less tender than a rib-eye or tenderloin, but more flavourful than them. It has a medium fat content, and can be grilled, pan-fried or broiled.


The bottom sirloin is commonly sold as “sirloin steak” at budget steakhouses, and it’s considerably leaner than its top counterpart. It tends to be cheaper than higher-end cuts, but it still tastes great when marinated and grilled right.


Also known as porterhouse steak, a typical T-bone steak consists of a piece of tenderloin that is separated from a piece of strip by a T-shaped bone. Besides having tenderloin’s softness and a strip’s robust flavour, a usual serving of T-bone steak is also generous enough for sharing.


Dallas Restaurant & Bar

A meal at Dallas Restaurant & Bar is sure to satisfy even the most ravenous carnivore. The eatery offers a wide range of dishes, but the highlight is the sumptuous Dallas Meat Platter, which features four different types of succulent meats. Going at $70 for two and $130 for four, each platter comes with grilled Australian lamb cutlets, slow cooked pork ribs, rotisserie chicken and a thick, juicy slab of medium-rare prime rib steak.

Choose a subtly sweet berry glaze or spicy barbecue sauce for your ribs, and enjoy the meats with sides of roasted potatoes and salad. For those with an insatiable appetite for beef, pop by the sunlit glass restaurant on weekends to enjoy a free flow of prime rib steak at just $35 per head. The only downside? You might want to stick to salads for your next few meals.

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