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Is your home making you sick? Here’s how to breathe purer air indoors

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Is your home making you sick? Here’s how to breathe purer air indoors

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It’s not just the haze you should be worried about. If you want fresh, healthy air at home, you first need to consider what you’re bringing in through the front door.

“Indoor air can be between eight and 100 times more toxic than outdoor air, with things such as cleaning products, air fresheners and synthetic candles adding to the toxic load,” explains herbalist Danielle Shirley. Detox and improve your home air quality with these seven easy strategies:

1 Let Some Fresh Air In

Good ventilation is one of the most effective ways to purify the air at home. “It allows the chemicals from things like furniture, mattresses, paint and varnishes to air out, and helps in reducing mould growth and flushing out airborne bacteria and viruses,” says Danielle.

The only caveat is if you live in a high traffic area, such as next to a busy road. In this case, it may be worth installing a whole-house air filtration system, to remove pollutants and introduce clean air into your home.

2 Swap To Essential Oils

Go for 100 per cent pure and organic essential oils rather than ‘fragrant oils’ as this can be a blanket term for artificial ingredients. “You only need two or three drops; try lemon, eucalyptus or spearmint to cleanse the air,” says natural therapist Sheena Cartwright. You can buy oils and diffusers from Young Living.