Boasting a picturesque view of the city, this apartment does not disappoint with its stylish interiors either.

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Boasting a picturesque view of the city, this apartment does not disappoint with its stylish interiors either. Domenica Tan visits this home to learn more.

Homeowner William Tan chose a white marble for the peninsula counter, in stark contrast to the black marblelike tiles on the adjacent wall.

A cosy reading corner is located outside the study. William customised a full-height cat tree in the space to allow him to hang out with his pet.
My Reading Room

Homeowner William Tan was instantly drawn to this five-year-old HDB resale apartment in Tiong Bahru when he first visited it. Located on the 40th floor, the unit boasts a panoramic view of the cityscape and was exactly what he wanted, considering its prime location and it being larger, compared to his previous home.

With the help of interior designer Kalyn Guo of Home Journal, William and his partner decided on reconfiguring the layout of the home by removing one bedroom – originally there were three rooms – to enlarge the living room. The two remaining rooms, which have become the master bedroom and study, are cleverly concealed; the doors are clad in wood-look laminates in a shiplap wall design, which makes the gap between the doors and wall indistinguishable.

A monochromatic palette characterises the master bedroom, with Kalyn suggesting a screed-effect stucco to add texture to the feature wall behind the bed. The palette is adhered to in the master bathroom and common bathroom too, with the latter sporting eye-catching elements including ventilation blocks and Peranakan tiles.

The kitchen takes on a blue-and-white colour scheme, where features such as a patterned-tiled backsplash and Shaker-style cabinets add visual interest. The finishing touch: The blue walls framing the “million-dollar view”. The dining area is also strategically situated so friends and family can enjoy the view and breeze as they dine.

My Reading Room
A couple in their early 40s, and their Siamese cat HOME Four-room HDB apartment in Tiong Bahru SIZE 1,000sqf
My Reading Room

The bathroom window is replaced with ventilation blocks, as a homage to the architecture and design of the mature Tiong Bahru estate.

The herringbonepatterned headboard matches the bedside table design – both furniture pieces are from Prestige Furniture. Their wood tones add a touch of warmth to the bedroom.
My Reading Room
My Reading Room

A woodtoned kitchen countertop breaks the monotony of the extensive use of two colours, white and blue.


A wired-glass cabinet was specially included in the kitchen storage design, as William emphasised his fondness for the look.