In Suzhou, China, the team at X Living designed a fun space where parents and children have access to sport and entertainment in a fairy-tale atmosphere.

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Creating a club where learning to swim in a playful way was at the heart of X Living’s concept. Located 100 kilometres west of Shanghai and spread over 2,200 square metres, the Loong Swim Club—furnished with custom pieces by XiangCasa—welcomes visitors in the reception area equipped with a desk in the shape of a ship. Nearby, a big whale that looks to be jumping out of the water wraps around a column, setting the tone for a water wonderland. Following the shoe area, the relaxing and comfortable reading room features round lampshades and wave-shaped sofas with integrated bookshelves to one side.

With its series of arches, pastel colours and droplet ceiling lamps, the swimming pool area invites guests to discover a magical universe characterised by the softness of the water and the entirety of the decor. Adorned with eye-catching flower-shaped chandeliers and colourful patterns, the baby bath area aims at developing the visiting children’s aesthetic sense at a very young age.

In the restaurant, fragmented pink and blue eggshells placed on the floor— which has black dots—are reflected in the mirrored ceiling. Green and white stairs add another series of colours. In every corner, X Living wanted to tell a story where fantasy prevails. Geometric forms and patterns were used everywhere. From one space to another, the sense of flow encourages visitors to wander.

“The design thinking of the space is closely centered on the water element”, the X Living team says. “Water is extremely light and soft, and has an infinite tolerance for life. To keep such a softness embedded in the heart of the project, the combination of design elements in the space has to be as natural as the flowing water.”

Thanks to the bold and inventive vision of X Living, the Loong Swim Club is much more than a learning and training space. It is also a space that brings together families and different generations in a dream ambience created for younger ones, but where adults can also feel the endless possibilities of imagination.

Visit www.xl-muse.com to find more about the designers.
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 This project is spread over 2,200 square meters.


The team at X Living and XIANGCASA created a playful atmosphere.


Every nook invites guests to discover a magical space.

This fun swim club features pastel colours and surprising shapes.
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Good to know
According to experts, swimming helps to promote important muscle growth in children at a young age.
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Geometric forms and patterns adorn the space.


The water was one of the most important sources of inspiration.


Located in Suzhou, China, the project is a water wonderland for children and adults.