Homeowners who are colour-clueless can look to this annual forecast to get a heads-up on the hottest hues trending soon – and how to use them.

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Homeowners who are colour-clueless can look to this annual forecast to get a heads-up on the hottest hues trending soon – and how to use them.

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Choosing the right paint colours for your home isn’t easy – besides thinking of ambience and style, you’ll have to take into consideration whether or not they are fresh and on-trend, but won’t date a year on. Get some help from Akzonobel, whose annual Colour of the Year is eagerly anticipated by those in the decor industry.

At the same time, the parent company of paint brand Dulux also conducts global research on colours (involving industry players such as interior designers and architects) to come up with paint themes that point to future consumer lifestyles and habits.

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For 2017, Akzonobel urges designers and homeowners to look at “life in a new light” — by having a fresh perspective on everyday elements. To champion that, Denim Drift was chosen as the Colour of the Year 2017 – this timeless and versatile greyblue is said to create a restful, introspective mood, yet maintain a crisp and fresh vibe. “Denim Drift, along with its complementary colour palettes, will set off your walls in a beautiful way.

There is a colour combination for everyone’s taste and preference,” shares Heleen van Gent, design expert from Akzonobel’s Global Aesthetics Centre. We spotlight two of the four colour trends presented – The Working Home and Considered Luxury.

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Denim Drift is Akzonobel Colour of the Year 2017.

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This palette includes more neutral colours. The hues reflect a timeless nature, encouraging homeowners to choose well, buy less, and make the look of their home last. Pair these airy shades with soft textiles to enhance the sensory appeal. One way to create the illusion of a larger space is to paint the lower half of the wall a darker shade found in the palette, with a lighter shade above it.

In this palette: Green-white, yellow-white, peach-white, pink-white, shades of light grey and brown-grey.

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The division between work and home has blurred, in that some aspects of work now appear at home, and vice versa. This palette helps create a more balanced way of living and working, and emphasises the importance of a home that is not only conducive for work, but also remains cosy, warm and restful. The colours can be used to zone specific spaces, while ensuring a fluid environment that fits both work and play.

In this palette: Black, grey-brown, light grey, beige, shades of dusty orange, matte gold, and dusty violet.


The colours in this palette create a boho-eclectic look in the home, especially when you pair olive or jade green with wood tones and plants. It reminds homeowners to reconnect with nature amid an increasingly urban and digital world.

In this palette: Dark grey, olive, light grey, beige, green-white, jade green, dusty pink and purple, and deep purple.


Use this colour scheme to create a vibrant ambience in the home. The contrasting colours represent individualism, while creating a fresh and playful mood at home that’s perfect for family and friends to enjoy together.

In this palette: Mustard, shades of orange-red, light grey, beige, and shades of dusty light pink.