A clever reorientation of spaces turned this apartment into a home with an art gallery vibe.

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A clever reorientation of spaces turned this apartment into a home with an art gallery vibe.

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A couple in their 30s and their two Siberian cats


Three-bedroom apartment at Queen Astrid Gardens, Holland Village



My Reading Room

If there’s one thing an old apartment can pride itself on, it’s the luxury of space. With some careful and detailed reconfiguration of the generous floor area, this apartment gets a new lease of life, boasting artistic touches in a spacious sophisticated setting.

As avid art collectors, the owners have already amassed an impressive collection. There are contemporary works by British and German artists, as well as local art pieces and those from Myanmar – all ready to be prominently showcased in the living room and bedrooms. “I had to take into account their collection of artworks, and also find a way to conceal the awkwardly positioned pillars. This required a good amount of joinery and carpentry works,” explains Waff Studio’s creative director, Joy Loo.

About $300,000 was spent on renovations alone – a feat well worth the price, as the transformed space and look now very much reflect the couple’s interests and lifestyle.

My Reading Room

Kitchen confidential

The original kitchen was demolished and redesigned closer to the dining area. It was also conceived to be a semi-open space.

“It was practical to have both spaces close to each other, given the owners’ penchant for cooking, hosting dinners and parties at home,” says Joy. “They also like to be able to interact with their guests even while prepping in the kitchen, and the ease of accessibility between the two spaces also meant that boundaries are blurred, making both sections look like they share one common area.”

The sliding timbre screen serves as an elegant demarcation feature, and even when drawn fully to close off the area, the kitchen’s clear glass inset still allows guests to be privy to the activity in the kitchen.

With the kitchen redesignated, its former place in the house has now been “freed up”, maximising the view of the tranquil Bukit Timah greenery from the living and dining areas.

My Reading Room

Posh pillars

Pillars are no longer an obstruction when given a spiffy makeover. A round-edged white wall was specially designed, with its smooth, curved shape hiding the “awkwardness” of the original chunky pillars in the living room.

The customised white wall was also conceived as a smart storage solution, with compartments to keep kitchen paraphernalia; and serves as a “soft” division between the kitchen and living spaces.

The main feature in the living area is the elongated joinery that conceals the other existing pillars. Clad in a taupe-hued laminate finish, the joinery creates a sense of “continuity”, like a passageway in a boutique art gallery.

With the art pieces and furnishings making a bold statement, the palette in the living room is kept more muted and warm – with white and taupe grey finishes and European oak in dame stained timber flooring.


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Photography WINSTON CHUANG Art Direction YEW XIN YI