Colourful and interactive, this Spanish shop designed by Masquespacio is surprising in every corner.

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Valencia, Spain, has been home to Rubio – publisher of Spanish educational workbooks – for over 60 years. It came as no surprise that the city is where the firm also opened its first concept store last June.

Led by Ana Milena Hernandez Palacios and Christophe Penasse, creative consultancy Masquespacio was in charge of reflecting the essence of Rubio throughout the interior design of the 200-square-metre space. “When they contacted us, they told us that they wanted the store to blend the publisher’s lauded past with its expected future”, Hernandez Palacios says, “And that’s just what we did. We have created a futuristic identity for Rubio using neon and methacrylate signs with bold colours that allow us to travel through time without loosing the essence of the firm. We managed to achieve this with the overwhelming sensation of being grounded by one of their workbooks, thanks to the coating that we have used throughout the store.”

Framed by yellow and blue neon signs, the entrance sets the tone for the kaleidoscopic decor. A large counter leads visitors to the mathematics, writing and reading workbook area, before discovering the workshop training area.

While each of RUBIO’s collections is on display in a different nook, everything was made to encourage interaction. “The back of the rotating shelves in the mathematics area are used as blackboards to practise mathematical concepts”, says Hernandez, “Another area nearby has a methacrylate board that visitors can use to improve their handwriting.”

Created for both children and adults, the shop features a futuristic and fresh aesthetic with a strong personality. Among some of the most surprising elements are a peephole in the window, a “tunnel of colour” with a time machine and augmented reality goggles, a roulette station that allows visitors to discover Rubio’s history, a speaker that tells tales, and a projection room.

“In the end, our store tells our history, the life we lived and where we will continue to live”, Rubio’s CEO Enrique Rubio says, “That is how we leap into the future.”

In this wonderland, learning becomes fun and bold design is the main tool for showcasing it.
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The grid-like pattern on the walls and flooring make the store feel visually larger than its 200sqm size.


Interactive displays throughout the space add to the quirky nature of the decor.

Bright flourscent tubes and clear acrylic panels tinted in a variety of neon shades make the store feel vibrant and fun.
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Good to know

The city of Valencia is also home to wellknown ceramics brand Lladro and the famous City of Arts & Sciences Museum.