The future is in your hands.

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The future is in your hands.

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Joey Yap is a leading authority in fengshui and Chinese metaphysics, with over 20 years of experience and having published more than 172 books on the subjects. We catch up with the renowned expert to find out more about the fengshui outlook for homeowners in 2018.

Fengshui may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but when it comes to fengshui-auditing a new home, Joey feels that current homeowners are more receptive to the idea because they want to know that they are making a wise investment on their property purchase.

“Compared to years ago, people are definitely more open to fengshui due to exposure through books and the Internet. They are more well-informed about the subject and it’s become the norm for them to know their individual good directions,” he says.

In fact, Joey goes on to point out that homeowners today are more discerning when it comes to the topic as well. “Nowadays, homeowners are more demanding – not only do they want their home to be part of a quality development, but they also want to ensure the intrinsic values are aligned to them energy-wise. How do they feel when they enter a house? Do they feel good when they are in the house? Do they feel at home? It wouldn’t matter if the house has a great modern design, but the occupants don’t feel comfortable in it – that’s usually a sign that there may be something wrong with its fengshui.”

But what happens when there are such issues plaguing a home? While many fengshui obstacles can be remedied by making changes in the home’s layout, Joey says there are instances where little can be done. “Sometimes, it’s because of structural limitations that cannot be remedied and other times, it’s because the overall location is too negative. We prefer being transparent and do not take on such cases. If we can’t help, we will let the client know.”

When broaching the outlook for 2018, Joey is optimistic and believes it will be favourable for local homeowners. “It’s going to a better year than 2017. It may be sluggish, but it’s moving towards a positive direction.

“Property markets will definitely see an improvement. The best sectors to pay attention to will be south-east for wealth and north-west for good health and nobility. Surgeons and those in the medical profession will stand to benefit most from their careers this year,” he advises.

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Home & Decor is turning 30 this year. Can you give us a reading for our future?

J: If I were to perform an assessment for a publishing firm, two of the most important components are the location of the academic star, Four Green (found in the South sector), and the One White Star (found in the Northwest sector) for this year.

In the long run, the overall setup should be focused on building creativity and innovation and, more importantly, strong networks.

More people are accessing information online, so technology wise, you may want to look at activating the Nine Purple Star, which is in line with Period 9 (starting in the year 2024).

Is black considered a bad colour if used in the living room?

J: This is one of the biggest misconceptions in fengshui. There is no such thing as fengshui for colours, although a dark colour such as black may decrease the brightness of the area and make it seem gloomy. However, as long as there is plenty of natural light, it should not be a problem.

What are your views on having mirrors in the bedroom?

J: Mirrors in the bedroom are all right as long as they do not refl ect light directly towards the bed. This will cause an imbalance in yin and yang.