Dark Kitchen Styles

If the presentation of new kitchen designs at Eurocucina – the world’s most famous kitchen fair – is anything to go by, domestic cooking areas are certainly moving towards a darker palette, with ambient lighting and slimmer profiles. Here’s a look at the latest kitchen systems by some of the world’s most outstanding kitchen producers, and we predict four trends that will dominate the kitchen arena in 2019.

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Ceramic by Next125
German kitchen brand Next125 adopts the values of Bauhaus, creating streamlined, functional kitchens crafted with state-of-the-art industrial production. The NX 950 kitchen sports a counter surface with a new version the Ceramic marble grigio effect. The handleless and flush integration brings a monolithic look to the freestanding cooking area and tall unit. Aside from accessories and other customisation options, this system comes with the Next125 panel garden. The addition allows herb growing, even in darker spaces, thanks to its integrated, time-switched lighting. Available at W. Atelier. 
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Prime by Dada

Some of the main Prime design ideas are glass doors for wall units and a Wing system with tapered aluminium shelves. Dada also showcased a kitchen setup with a glossy lacquered wall unit in grey natural Billiemi stone from Sicily. With glass shelves, lighting is a key feature of the system, and the illumination of every shelf is bound to make the kitchen a showstopper in open-plan homes. Available at P5. 

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Ratio by Dada

The second collection by Vincent Van Duysen, the new Ratio kitchen is a modular one. It features metal grids forming the system’s basic architecture. These lines result in a strong visual effect. Vincent also conceptualised corner solutions, central islands and accessory units as options. Corner units can be an effective use of space, depending on the spatial layout. Material wise, the focus is on natural patterns, such as that on woods like mooreiche oak and black palm, as well as that on silk georgette marble and rapolano travertine, juxtaposed with bronze aluminium. Available at P5.

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Sipario by Aran Cucine

Designed by Makio Hasuike, the Sipario kitchen is a modern, Japanese-style kitchen. The compact kitchen features glass-shelved wall cabinets, integrated lighting and a kitchen island. Makio conceptualised the kitchen with Fenix NTM, a highly matte material that is soft to the touch. The island is elevated on steel legs. Glass shelving overhead adds a fresh spin to traditional kitchen design. Choose from a wide array of finishes and materials. Available at XTRA.

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Pure by Siematic
Elegant and minimalist, Pure is all about discreet integration. With tinted glass, aluminium profiles and lighting, the kitchen functions “fade” away. Not only does this give the space a mysterious air, but Pure also lets the other areas in an open-concept home take the spotlight. The system allows various configurations of storage options that can be integrated into the interior architecture. Also opt for Siematic Anti Print coating, which keeps fingerprints to the minimum on velvetmatte surfaces. Available at W. Atelier. 
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Toto Kitchen

Toto Kitchen offers a host of possibilities with its customisable kitchens. Homeowners can have every inch in the kitchen utilised wisely – a must in apartment homes today. Toto provides a wide range of finishes and materials, including high gloss and matte surfaces, as well as tempered glass and lacquered surfaces, for a wholly personalised kitchen. Available at W.Atelier.

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Logica Celata by Valcucine

Valcucine’s innovative design hides and reveals a work area via a door that silently glides up and down. This area, as with the entire system, can be customised: It can be a bar or food preparation area, for instance. Perfect for when unexpected guests drop by, the door hides away clutter, so that the space becomes a neat feature wall. Valcucine provides a host of accessories to meet the desired function of a kitchen, too. The system is enhanced with Vitrum Arte customised surfaces, featuring designs on glass created with a special technique. Available at Roberto Design. 

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Combine by Boffi

Boffi’s Combine kitchen by Piero Lissoni aims to give homeowners the freedom to dictate their kitchen design by way of functional monoblocs. These are available in different sizes, which you can put together to create islands with specific functions. The compact system suits various kitchen layouts. Also choose from extractable or extendable surfaces to accommodate groups of guests both small and large. Available at Boffi.

What are the new trends in kitchen design to note?
Many homeowners like the idea of having an island or a very open-concept kitchen to enlarge the space. Homeowners like to declutter their kitchens too. They prefer to segregate the countertop spaces and have full-height cabinets to keep their ovens, and have full-height storage for  dry goods and other items to one side.
How are these trends changing the way we use the kitchen?
Cooking methods have changed a lot. Homeowners prefer lighter and faster cooking methods by using the oven or other equipment. Homeowners now tend to buy various equipment. So, we will need to provide the right amount of countertop space or additional storage so that they can store these items.
How do these trends improve the way we live and entertain?
Having an open-concept kitchen or island helps in opening the interior environment and encouraging interaction. For example, an island would add extra countertop and entertainment space for guests. The right materials and textures can still help to differentiate between the living and kitchen areas, even if the spaces have merged.

Text Rossara Jamil