Driven by continuous innovation, Singapore brand novita introduces a new water dispenser that helps to save time, cost and space.

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Driven by continuous innovation, Singapore brand novita introduces a new water dispenser that helps to save time, cost and space.
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Novita is a well-known homegrown brand that offers an extensive range of lifestyle and wellness products. The company has more than 16 years of knowledge and experience in creating home appliances, and is renowned for its product technology, innovation and design. Through creative solutions, novita aspires to enhance quality of life, with its smart performance products – well-suited to contemporary lifestyles – serving modern households today.

Convenience beyond expectation

With novita’s hot/cold water dispenser NP3302, you will get quality water, together with space, time and cost savings. You no longer have to spend time boiling your drinking water in a kettle, or wait for tap water to be filtered. Tap water can be conveniently converted into fresh drinking water. And, with just a press of a button, you can instantly dispense hot, cold or room temperature water (hot water at 98 deg C and cold water as low as 2 deg C).

The NP3302 comes with a five-step Ultra Filtration System and can also be paired with the HydroPlus filter for alkaline antioxidant water or HydroPure filter for purified energy water. Its filtration capacity is said to be 1,200 litres, which translates to four months worth of drinking water, based on a 10 litre per day estimation. Furthermore, a built-in replacement indicator also helps to remind the user when it’s time to replace the filter media.

Maintaining the unit is a cinch, with the threestep EzTwist DIY Filter replacement concept that is easy to do and uncomplicated.

Even if you are in a rush, you can get your beverage ready in under two minutes.

With this excellent dispenser, you can do away with individual vessels such as thermos flasks and storage containers, in order to separate water for heating, cooling and storing. These additional vessels often take up too much space on your kitchen countertop.

You are no longer limited to standard cup sizes; you can easily fill large bottles or containers of various sizes by simply swinging the dispensing faucet arm outwards.

This product is a smart way to reduce spending, by converting tap water into clean and drinking water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water. With fewer plastic bottles used, this also means you’ll be more environment-friendly.

Other highlights include an energy-saving feature. In this mode, when the unit detects little or no light in the surrounding area, the heating system will automatically deactivate, and will resume normal operations when it detects light. With all these userfriendly features in place, getting your daily dose of fresh, clean water will be no hassle at all.