No more accidental scalding or an owie from sharp edges while showering. Thanks to hansgrohe’s new Croma E range, showering is fun and safe for everyone, whether you are tall or small.

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Rubber duckies, bath bombs and sing along sessions – shower time should be a splashing good time for the kids. Ensuring their safety in the shower requires vigilance and well-designed shower fittings. After all, who doesn’t have one or two memories of shower woes like accidental scalding from touching the faucet, scalding (or freezing) when the water temperature inexplicably changes, and an owie when you bump into sharp edges? The risk multiplies exponentially for the small and the elderly. 

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hansgrohe brings safety and fun in the shower for everyone with its new Croma E range. The Croma E range combines proprietary technology with optimal safety functions. Croma E’s SoftCube design features softly rounded corners that eliminate sharp edges while its Ecostat E thermostat features a CoolContact technology that keeps the surface cool to the touch and a SafetyStop technology in the handle that prevents unexpected increase in water temperature.

Pair this accident-proof system with the Showerpipe feature that allows the hand shower to be height-adjusted with ease, and a shower head with intuitive spray modes – SoftRain for a powdery shower, IntenseRain for more power and Massage to target fatigue areas – for relaxing, bespoke, and worry-free shower experiences for you and your loved ones.

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For more info on Croma E range, visit www.hansgrohe.com.sg or contact info@hansgrohe.com.sg to make an appointment to visit the Hansgrohe Aquademie.