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Ever wished the digital tablet you are holding in your hands could magically transform into a large-sized television? Well, the tech gods at Samsung just made that dream come true with the Sero, its first TV equipped with an automated rotating display that allows users to switch between horizontal and vertical orientations. The landscape format can be used for viewing conventional television content, while the portrait mode provides enhanced viewing for social media content, streaming services as well as gaming content by seamlessly mirroring from a compatible mobile device.

The Sero is available in 43-inch size at $3,499, from major electronics stores. Visit for more information.
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"This soothing pastel colour palette works not only for the kitchen and dining areas but also for a study and home office."


We all could use some calmness and serenity in these trying times, and few can match the versatility and soothing effects of pastels. The colour beige may sound bland and boring by itself so Copenhagen-based colour designer Margrethe Odgaard calls them by another name, like mushroom, truffle and oyster, a trio of bespoke shades of beige she mixed for Danish furniture brand Montana. Each features a different undertone (pinkish, bluish and reddish) that will set a what Margrethe calls the “colour temperature” of a space. These pastel tones have a nourishing effect for the eyes and body - perfect for the kitchen and dining area. Pair them with darker brown area for a tone-on-tone oasis of calm, or dress them up with statement finishes like rose gold, copper and brass or stronger shades like maroon, burgundy and wenge in the bedroom, study or home office for a fancier effect.
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Textile and colour designer,

The expert says

“Some colours are designed to grab attention, and some are designed to be easy to live with. Don’t judge a colour by its tone; but by how it reinforces a colour theme of a space when paired with other colours and materials. Don’t be afraid to mix colours from different cool or warm spectrum to create a new one, the result may surprise you.”