Save time and money with this new and efficient washing machine.

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Save time and money with this new and efficient washing machine.

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Some may find doing household chores therapeutic, while others would rather spend time doing what they love. Regardless of how you feel about doing the laundry, completing this task in the most efficient manner is key — especially as it helps save money on utility bills1, as less electricity is spent running the appliance.

Samsung recently launched the QuickDrive washing machine, which offers a powerful washing performance while reducing washing time by up to 50 per cent, and utilising up to 20 per cent1 less energy as compared to its predecessors. How does it work? The machine comes with a Q-drum, which comprises a “main drum” and “backplate”. They both rotate independently so your laundry moves in a dynamic action powered by dual forces to offer a quick and clean wash.

Want to check on your laundry cycle while watching TV or while you’re out and about? You can control the QuickDrive machine remotely using the Q-rator smart function2 on your smartphone, which provides users with three features:

Laundry Recipe

It recommends the optimal wash cycle^ based on the type of clothing, colours and soiled level of your wash load, so you’ll never have to wonder which mode you should be using.

Laundry Planner

This function curates your laundry schedule by allowing you to set the desired laundry finishing time3^. This way, you can come home to freshly washed clothes.

HomeCare Wizard

You can remotely monitor your washing machine’s condition with the HomeCare Wizard function, which provides you with tips to ensure that your washer is maintained at its best.

Don’t worry about missing a piece of laundry after you’ve started a wash cycle, as this machine comes with an AddWash door: Simply drop in loose items4. As a safety feature, the door can be opened only when the drum temperature is below 50 deg C.

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1 Based on Intertek test results, Samsung WW7800M (QuickDrive system) saves up to 50 per cent washing time and up to 20 per cent energy as compared with WW6500K (conventional system), based on Cotton 40 degree Celsius course, half load (washing performance within ±3 per cent). Based on Samsung internal test results, Samsung WW7800M saves up to 20 per cent energy as compared with WW6500K, based on Super Speed Cycle 40 degree Celsius course, 5kg load. Tested in accordance with IEC 60456:2010, individual results may vary.

2 Requires installation of Samsung Connect app on compatible Android or iPhone mobile device, and Wi-Fi connectivity to the mobile device.

3 The wash cycle will be recommended solely based on desired end time, and may not be appropriate based on the type of fabric or soiled level of the clothing articles being washed.

4 Only fabric items, detergent and softener can be added.
^ User will be solely responsible for any consequence(s) that may result from user’s implementation of the recommended wash cycle, including — but not limited to — any damage to articles caused by incorrect or incomplete information provided by the user.
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