Choose a wallcovering that’s both aesthetically pleasing and designed for practical use in the home.

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Choose a wallcovering that’s both aesthetically pleasing and designed for practical use in the home. 

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With walls being one of the largest surface areas in the home, cladding it with the right materials is crucial if you want to create a statement- making feature wall and set the tone of your interior design.  

For years, designers and homeowners have been experimenting with looks using materials like laminate, veneer, wallpaper, and even accessories such as mirrors. Yet, one unique material that has hardly been used is cork, which offers a range of functional and aesthetic possibilities. 

An environmentally friendly material, cork is biodegradable and recyclable. Cladding the material on the wall helps regulate temperature in the home; it prevents heat from transferring, while allowing the space to cool quickly, making it more energy-efficient as there is less reliance on air-conditioning. 

The material is also a good insulator against sound, and helps filter noise and enhance sound quality in an enclosed space – perfect for an entertainment room at home. 

If you have young kids, choosing cork wallcovering is a great option as it is anti-static, making it resistant to dust and toxic absorption, which helps reduce the risk of potential allergies. It is also antimicrobial and water-resistant, and combats against mould and mildew, keeping your abode clean and safe for the whole family. 

Aesthetic-wise, cork comes in various finishes, textures and colours and can be stacked to create patterns and designs to suit your home’s look. Not just a feature wall, it can also serve as a communication board where family members can pin photographs and leave notes for one another. 

With its lightweight form, it is also easy to install and requires no drilling, making it a fuss-free, unconventional wallcovering option! 

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