Bespoke beauty facial spa by home-grown cult skincare brand.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

The welcoming ambience of a cafe that sits at the front of this facial spa sets the tone for a unique experience. 

The storefront of Porcelain Origins resembles a cafe’s, unlike the conventional design you’d expect of facial spas. With the help of the team at local interior design firm Super Fat Designs, the owners of Porcelain Origins wanted a look befitting an innovative and cutting-edge facial spa service that also incorporates retail, and food and beverage offerings. 

With a palette of copper hues, complemented by shades of grey and emerald green, as well as marble finishes on the floor and tabletop, the space exudes a classy yet welcoming ambience that’ll draw passing shoppers. 

In a clever strategy to segregate the spaces, transitioning areas located between the cafe and private rooms serve as sound barriers and help lead customers into the intimate and luxurious treatment rooms. Lighting options, including pendant lamps from Italian lighting houses Viabizzuno and Iguzzini that cast concentric ripple-patterned and frame-like shadows respectively, add to the overall visual effect while accentuating the cosy recesses in Porcelain Origins. 

Every element in the facial spa has been carefully thought out. Wardrobes were designed to mimic the look of window shutters, and a graphic print creates the illusion of a viewing portal leading out to a landscape beyond, making the compact space feel less claustrophobic. 

My Reading Room

A healthy offering of snacks is available at the cafe

My Reading Room

The lighting effects in the store help to create the illusion of an elongated corridor.

My Reading Room

A combination of wallpapers and decor accessories such as mirrors dresses up the walls, alongside the use of copper tones in the space.

My Reading Room

The clever selection of artistic lighting designs helps customers feel safely cocooned in the space.

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Established in 2009, Porcelain is an award-winning home-grown cult skincare brand.