Inject a citrusy freshness of the outdoors.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel


Various studies have shown that biophilic design, which involves a direct or indirect connection to nature, plays a huge part in one’s well-being.

If you’re blessed with a private garden or live near a park or nature reserve, why not plan a communal meal outside? Interior designer and stylist Sabrina Monteleone-Oeino created this breathtaking outdoor table setting for her last birthday party. Granted, we can only have a limited number of guests at our table for the time being – but that’s what makes planning this kind of outdoor occasion even more precious.

Of course, we may not need so many chairs, but we can adapt Sabrina’s colour palette. Taking cues from the lush lemon trees in her garden, she set the table in green, white and yellow, which contributed to a fresh, bright and inviting lunch party. A sprinkle of hot pink and peach from the roses on the table and those hanging from the trees took the sumptuousness up a notch, adding a gentle feminine touch without dampening the citrusy freshness of the colour palette. 

This colour scheme also works indoors, especially with lush botanical wallpapers and floral furniture upholstery. 

The Expert Says 

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Interior designer and stylist 

“I love mixing these colours. They create such a fresh look. Green expresses nature, abundance, rejuvenation and inner peace. Yellow is for positivity, happiness, clarity and energy while hot pink is a symbol for love, kindness and femininity. This colour combination also looks great as accents in a kitchen or a bedroom.”