Reach those health goals! Celebrity fitness trainer Artur Zolkiewicz walks you through his personal journey in fitness and how to stay fit while travelling.

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"Celebrity trainer Artur is sharing his passion for fitness with the world"

1 CHILDHOOD TRAINING TAUGHT HIM ... that discipline and consistency matter. Artur reflected, “I was petrified of going to [my first karate class] and starting to train under the strict eye of my karate coach. Who would have thought that karate was going to have such a huge impact on my future and career? There’s this beautiful idea in karate of always learning and that’s how I try to approach movement — with a beginner’s mind!

2 IF YOU’RE NEW TO FITNESS ... Artur recommends staying consistent and planning ahead. “Book your training sessions in your calendar and treat it as if it was an important meeting at work. Try to prepare your food in advance. Don’t buy unhealthy food so you don’t have any at home when the cravings come. Consistency and smart planning will certainly help you to lead a healthier lifestyle.”

3 BE INSPIRED BY TRENDS BUT DON’T BE CAUGHT UP ... Artur thinks that veganism is a huge trend right now, gaining popularity and momentum. “I think there are a few reasons why it’s so popular and why so many people are attracted to it — the quality of animal products is put in question by many. We want to know where the food comes from and how it’s treated before it finds its way to our stomachs. The impact of the meat industry on the environment is also a reason for many to turn vegan.”

4 WHILE TRAVELLING TRY ... keeping healthy eating habits while you’re on the go. “One of the first [things I do] when I arrive at a new place is finding a gym. I also enjoy going to grocery stores in new countries and searching for new healthy products. [What] I enjoy most about travelling is training at different gyms. You can always learn something new, meet new people and get some new ideas.”

5 THE DIET TO TRY IS ... Intermittent fasting, but there’s no one size fits all when it comes to diet. Artur says, “[Intermittent fasting] works for me and suits my lifestyle. I think that everyone should give their body some sort of break from eating.”

6 THE BURNING FITNESS QUESTION ... Should we work out in the morning or evening? Artur says “it’s better to exercise in the morning if your goal is fat loss and in the evening if you want to build muscle or lift heavier.” But sleep is most important. “I would never sacrifice sleep to train at a certain time! Six to eight hours is optimal.” 

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"Artur's top fitness tip? Consistency!"


Artur Zolkiewicz is a celebrity fitness trainer and founder of FitnessArtz in London. He has an elite clientele including A-list celebs and models.