It Doesn’t End at the Pump

Hong Kong boaters can now enjoy a bespoke fuel service.

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Hong Kong boaters can now enjoy a bespoke fuel service.
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PASSION, EXCELLENCE AND attention to detail were once reserved for the craftsmanship of the vessel. Now Fuegy is applying this stamp of quality to the diesel market, launching its distinct European style into the Hong Kong boating scene.

The business was founded by yachtsman, fed up with sub-par fuel and lack of transparency that rendered the fuel market across Asia as archaic and unsafe. We provide our clients – from 40-foot yachts to 40-metre superyachts – with pristine, contaminant-free diesel coupled with the very highest level of concierge style service. And most importantly, we do this at no premium.

Fuegy leads the field with this somewhat revolutionary approach to fuelling. It doesn’t end at the pump. Every relationship is different and we tailor make this on a client-by-client basis. We know them, their boat, their crew, their requirements. Just as the builders of the boats that we fuel pride themselves on excellence, so do we.

Our business has an air of knowledge, finesse and style about it that suits the luxury boating community. Fuegy offers a professionally trained and uniformed fuelling crew, concierge back office support and full accounting department. West Marine fenders and anti-scuff pads protect the fuel barge, replacing the normal tire and chain.

A centralised fuel sample depot for engine warranty requirements can be provided. Calibrated meters guarantee accuracy and cashless payment means payment via American Express or invoice are the given.

Attention to detail like this has never been delivered in fuelling. And the piece de résistance – a custom-built, on-board fuel polishing system and filtration procedure that all the fuel runs through before being pumped, contaminant-free, into your fuel tanks. In aviation and land fuelling, the importance of quality control is paramount. This has been lost on the sea. Rogue operations and serious contaminant issues are commonplace.

Fuegy Technical Supervisor Hamish Pope has worked on the oil rigs of Australia through to Europe and across Asia on boats. He has seen first hand what sub-par fuel will do to an engine.

Think about it like making a lovely bottle of wine. Select the best grapes, manage the entire supply chain to avoid any contamination or quality issues, genuinely take pride in what you are producing, and the end result will be magic. We took this age old methodology and applied it to fuel. The only difference is we don’t have our clients over for taste tests.

Fuegy’s growing client base is a reputable who’s who of the Asian boating scene including Simpson Marine, Asia Yachting, Riviera Orientale - Yachting Society, Next Wave Yachting, Accelera & Beneteau, to name just a few. It has a growing loyal client base of Owners, Captains, brokers, management companies and charter groups.

From June, a number of prominent Hong Kong yacht clubs will be allowing Members to pay for Fuegy fuel on their Membership Cards. For such respected institutions to allow Members to pay for Fuegy fuel on their Membership Cards, and in doing so provide the company with their tick of approval, speaks volumes on the trust and reputation Fuegy has built in the boating community.

The following testimonial, from a Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club Member and prominent yachtsman, illustrates what Fuegy delivers to the boating industry:

Fuel is HUGELY important for us all running boats.

Not only is it a convenience insofar as good fuel reduces risks of engine failures, and expensive maintenance but also is an issue of safety.

When you are sea and the engine stops because of dirt or water contaminated fuel, lives may be put at risk. I am afraid, most people in the industry don’t think about that.

Over the years we have had so much trouble with dirty, contaminated diesel in Hong Kong, not to mention being short-changed on quantities by certain suppliers.

So we are delighted to now be able to secure reliable, honest fuel supplies from a trusted source in Fuegy. The vessel is state of the art, with fuel properly treated and full measures guaranteed. Thanks for making this service available to us boaties – at last!

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Al Fullerton is based in Hong Kong and alongside a skilled team of professionals he runs Fuegy Ltd, which provides bunkering services with the very highest standard of quality controlled diesel to the marine industry via a concierge style offering, completely cashless and at no premium.