What goes into the making of quality window shutters?

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What goes into the making of quality window shutters?


In our last issue, we discussed the benefits of having window shutters, and the cost of installing them in an apartment. In this issue, Sunleaf Shutters shares on the material of its premium window fittings, which work efficiently to offer privacy, shield against sunlight and also serve as a safety barrier.

What are Sunleaf Shutters made of?

American ashwood is the material of choice as it is a strong and dense hardwood that is less likely to dent and warp. There are also options using American pinewood, a softwood with similar properties. Both materials have been tested and proven to be durable, and will last for decades with minimum care.

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All woods used are harvested from managed forests grown in the US and do not involve cutting down rainforests, making it more ecologically responsible.

Do I have to worry about termite infestations or rotting?

Of course not! The wood is kiln-baked to dry it internally and kill any potential termite nests. In addition, Sunleaf Shutters applies a special anti -termite coating prior to staining the wood. It also comes with a one-year warranty against termite infestation.

For shutters used in exposed areas, additional specialised paint treatment is added to prevent wood rot. For external shutters, there is a warranty period of three years that covers wood rot or termite infestation.

How do you make the woodgrains look more pronounced?

Wood stains and spray paints enhance the grain of the wood both visually and texturally. American ashwood has deep-set grains, while being a very light wood, so it can be stained to achieve colours like white, teak, walnut, indigo and dark grey, with the grains still looking pronounced. For spray paint finishes, Sunleaf Shutter is able to include any shade you like, from the likes of fuchsia pink, baby blue, to jet black.

What about Sunleaf Shutters’ hardware, such as hinges and tracks?

With hospitality projects such as resorts in Thailand under its belt, Sunleaf Shutters relies on quality hardware that is resistant to rust and corrosion, and is durable even in harsh conditions. For sliding tracks and hinges, they are mostly sourced from Europe.

What are some accessories that can complement window shutters?

You can choose mosquito screens that can be easily removed and cleaned, or install locks and latches for improved safety, or incorporate swing glass panelling that can be built alongside windows for improved noise insulation.

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