This five-room Choa Chu Kang home to a couple and their four children sports a look that’s not only both contemporary and classically European, but also has plenty of concealed storage space. MELODY BAY scores an invite.

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The deep blue panelling in the dining zone and kitchen not only conceals storage space but also lends a classic European appearance to the home. 

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This photograph was shot on Dec 13, 2019.


A family of six

HOME Five-room HDB apartment in Choa Chu Kang

SIZE 1,300 sq ft 

For this family of six, being near the kids’ paternal grandparents was the priority when they moved to their Choa Chu Kang apartment in November 2018. The flexibility of space was also important as they wanted to reconfigure the space to comfortably house everyone.

When one steps into their five-room apartment, though, it’s hard to tell that there are four children, aged 2 to 11, living there. Lovingly designed by TS Wong, also the homeowner who runs design firm MOW Interior with business partner and cofounder Shermaine Ong, the home feels more like an elegant restaurant or art gallery.

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The wet kitchen is outfitted in neutrals and the same metallic accents as the rest of the place. 

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The brass handles pop against the deep blue panelling. 

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The counter in the open-concept dry kitchen has a Calacatta Gold quartz surface with distinctive subtle veining. 

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The dry kitchen is the focal point of the home, providing a space for entertainment as well as dining. 

Storage space was key in hiding the bric-a-brac that comes with the day-to-day life of a large family. TS completely reconfigured the kitchen so there’d be more space for the main storeroom. He also made sure to incorporate plenty of cupboard space along the walls that is nicely hidden away behind continuous panelling.

Rather than blending into the rest of the home, though, the panelling – also known as French moulding – is a feature in itself. Done in the same deep blue as the kitchen cabinets, and accented by brass handles, the panelling adds a distinctively classic yet contemporary look.

TS also did away with the service yard to make space for both wet and dry kitchens. “Our family cooks a lot, so we needed to make sure the grease didn’t get into the rest of the house,” he shares. 

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Homeowner and interior designer TS Wong chose larger window grilles for a more spacious, uncluttered look. 

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The reconfigured kitchen is now L-shaped, and the panelling in the dry kitchen conceals the storeroom. 

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The girls’ bedroom is done in neutrals and soft pastels, creating a visually restful ambience. 


Most of the appliances, including a wine cooler, are stored in the open-concept kitchen with a breakfast counter. An essential part of the design process was knowing when to splurge and where to save. The counters features an elegant Calacatta Gold quartz surface from Silestone’s Eternal Collection, while some of the home accessories, including the abstract painting that dominates the dining room, were purchased from Taobao.

Everything flows together, thanks to TS’ eye for detail. “I wanted everything to be gold, so you can see that the tap, sink and even my water dispenser are all gold,” he laughs.

These pop against the neutrals and deep blue of the home’s palette, lending an elegant touch. The attention to detail continues throughout the house.

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Although the walls and flooring of the bathroom are in the same quartz, the different shapes of the brick and honeycomb tiles lend visual interest. 

The wardrobes in the master bedroom feature the same French molding in white, for instance, and all the switches in the home have the same champagne hue from wiring specialist Legrand’s Galion series.

The bunting in the children’s rooms lends a playful touch that rounds out the home.

These accents were part of the design input from Wong’s wife Sharon and partner Shermaine, also an interior designer who specialises in home styling and incorporating finishing touches. “We wanted the design to be a fusion of both designers’ ideas, not just mine,” TS shares. 

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Although the walls and flooring of the bathroom are in the same quartz, the different shapes of the brick and honeycomb tiles lend visual interest. 

Photography VEE CHIN Art Direction KRISTY QUAH