A unique collection of scientific elements sets the tone for this contemporary built-to-order home. ELIZA HAMIZAH checks it out.

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A unique collection of scientific elements sets the tone for this contemporary built-to-order home. ELIZA HAMIZAH checks it out.

Like other newlyweds, Andy and Felicia Ang wanted a cosy matrimonial home. One aspect that differentiates their home, however, is Andy’s unique collection – not of toys or art, but of scientific elements.

The couple had requested  their interior designer, Cadine Lim of Prozfile, to create a physical manifestation of the periodic table. The display is made up of 118 square boxes with clear acrylic doors. Though it takes up the expanse of an entire wall in the living room, its clean design allows it to blend seamlessly with the rest of the modern contemporary home. 

Find out more about the renovation which took around two months to complete and, together with furnishings and appliances, set the couple back $100,000. 

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Dining in

Andy and Felicia cook often, so storage is priority. Additional kitchen cabinetry lines the space that was originally intended to be the dining area, and the oven and microwave are also installed here. Three bronze pendant lamps and faux leather dining chairs from Comfort Furniture accessorise this extension of the kitchen.

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Kitchen creation

The couple worked with Cadine to design a contemporary-style kitchen which features a dark teal laminate and concrete-look Kompacplus countertop. A customised table for six with a marble-look quartz top not only looks elegant, but can also double as extra preparation space. This is one of Felicia’s favourite furniture items in the home.


A couple in their early 30s

HOME A five-room HDB flat in Punggol

SIZE 1,100 sq ft

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His and hers

While Andy collects scientific elements, Felicia has quite the shoe collection. Cadine designed a mix of closed and open cubbies in the foyer; this ensures additional storage does not look too “boxy”, while allowing hints of colour to come through, as well as giving easy access to frequently worn footwear.

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Elementary decision

Apart from the radioactive elements, Andy plans to collect as many elements as he can. The Gold element was the most expensive. In its cubbyhole is a gold plate purchased from their trip to Tibet, as well as gold cufflinks. “We grew up learning about the periodic table but never had the chance to hold the elements. I found out you could actually collect them, and that’s when I started my own collection. To be able to feel its varying weights and textures is interesting,” says Andy. Next on his list is Caesium, the chemical element that defines time.

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Stay in bed

Key design factors, such as a timeless colour palette and a sense of openness, characterise the bedroom. Warm vinyl flooring arranged in herringbone style, a minimalist customised bedframe and side table, as well as a clear glass door, complete the look.

Photography DARREN CHANG

Art direction NONIE CHEN