Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas, known for its commitment to wellness and sustainability, opens in Duxton.

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Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas, known for its commitment to wellness and sustainability, opens in Duxton.

Six Senses Duxton guests will be able to use the amenities at Six Senses Maxwell, which is opening later this year and only a 10-minute walk away.

Design elements like large golden fans and communal lacquered tables at the 50-seat Yellow Pot restaurant.
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The floors of the original shophouses, which Six Senses Duxton now occupies, used to be a mix of mustard, saffron and black. We reckon it must have been stunning, for it certainly charmed interior designer Anouska Hempel, who designed this five-star hotel around those three captivating hues.

The 49-room hotel exudes a chic – but, at times, brooding – oriental flair which has a parallel with the history and culture of the neighbourhood, reflecting Anouska’s great respect for it. “I want the hotel to reflect some aspects of Duxton Road’s rich history, from its time as a nutmeg plantation to its seedier days as a notorious red-light district filled with opium dens,” she says.

The heavy stained glass front doors were preserved and, today, open to a moodily lit reception with lacquered bamboo screens and Chinese calligraphy. Tucked in a corner is the office of a traditional Chinese medicine physician (guests receive complimentary tinctures daily, designed for detoxification and to improve blood circulation), and to the left is Yellow Pot, a restaurant serving classic Chinese cuisine.

The unique shophouse structure was also preserved, with Anouska designing each room differently. The Opium Rooms’ jet black walls, and the pairing of low ceilings with large four-poster beds, create a dark and enigmatic ambience.

In each Skylight Suite, a dome-like skylight illuminates the spacious living room, which serves as an idyllic space for lazy afternoons before you retreat to the cosy dining area.

Each Pearl Suite stands out with its pure, all-white interior and marble-clad bathroom.

The hotel also features delightful surprises and elements in every corner. A working vintage telephone near each lift gives guests extra accessibility to the staff, and the hotel walls are clad in a wallpaper print taken from an authentic 18th-century real estate indenture from Anouska’s personal collection. This eclectic design and a deep connection to the local culture make Six Senses Duxton a must-go destination, whether you are looking for a retreat or a place to dine.

Six Senses Duxton is located at 83 Duxton Road.
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Six Senses Duxton has received the Urban Redevelopment Authority Architectural Heritage Award for its efforts to conserve the shophouses, as well as uphold the local culture.


Each Pearl Suite features chests of drawers inlaid with mother-of-pearl. Every room has bathroom amenities by The Organic Pharmacy, and minibars stocked with craft spirits.

The Opium Rooms with their dark interiors offer a different experience.
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A Sustainable Hotel

Six Senses Duxton supports the environment. It does not use plastic products, be it packaging or drinking straws, while styrofoam boxes are sent back to suppliers for reuse. To maintain a zero-carbon footprint, the hotel produces still and sparkling water with its state-of-the-art mineralisation machine. The need for airconditioning has also been reduced, thanks to shutter panels and windows with insulated glazing.

The hotel also focuses on its guests’ well-being. Guests receive a Wellness Bag comprising traditional Po Chai Pills to relieve gastric ailments, Tiger Balm for headaches, soothing nutmeg oil for muscle aches, and brain teasers and adult colouring cards. Check out outdoor yoga classes and coffee workshops – in partnership with its Duxton Road neighbours – as well.