Ships with fresh, modern interiors and uber-cool itineraries shout out to younger travellers.

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The reception area features an eye-catching star on the ceiling as well as distressed mirrors and gold accents. 

Cruises usually have a reputation for being the ideal getaway for holidaying retirees and families, but soon you may be hearing a buzz of excitement among younger crowds, too. The reason for this? Uniworld’s U River Cruises’ U fleet of two 120-passenger ships with a more contemporary design –and more culturally and socially immersive itineraries.

Both sport a sleek, all-black silhouette with classic 20th century architecture. The monochrome interiors are clad in fashionable leather and fabric, and complemented with modern fixtures, LED sculptures and celebrities’ images on the walls.

Passengers can unwind with spa treatments, mingle during communal dining, as well as party on the roof deck bar at night; mixologists and international DJs included.

“U River Cruises is a convenient way of visiting a few countries in a week while being able to soak in the vibe of some major cites during the night. As our itineraries focus on longer stays, we offer accommodation with pod-like configurations so each traveller has their own storage space and TV unit. There are wide spaces and photo booths for mingling among travellers, too,” shares Uniworld CEO Ellen Bettridge.

Itineraries for 2020 include an Amsterdam-Brussels trip with an excursion to Belgian master chocolatiers, as well as a Nuremberg-Vienna trip, which includes a graffiti tour. Pop culture lovers will love the Amsterdam-Frankfurt journey and its wine excursion to The Abbey Eberbach where Game of Thrones was filmed. 

For more information or to book a 2020 cruise, visit  www.ubyuniworld.com.

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U River Cruises targets young professionals between 25 and 45. 


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