Neutral tones underscore the masculine touches in this functional apartment.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

Neutral tones underscore the masculine touches in this functional apartment.

My Reading Room

A couple in their mid-30s 


Three-bedroom condominium apartment in Cairnhill 



My Reading Room

“When we first stepped into this apartment, it felt really small,” says Terence Neo, design director of Eightytwo. It’s hard to imagine that, seeing how spacious it is now. The transformation is a result of extensive space planning by Terence and his team.

“The idea was to maximise the space without sacrificing function,” he shares. Formerly a three-bedroom apartment, it now has a large bedroom that was created by combining two rooms into one.

With the new configuration, the designer conceptualised a spacious doorway to the master bedroom. Opening directly into the living area, it frames the space with sliding glass doors.

The entrance to the master bathroom was also moved to flow with the layout better.

The space planning, as Terence explains, took a lot of work, and the team sought to push design boundaries. With this being a two-person home, there were few design limitations. The owners took to the new layout quickly, and they loved the idea of a masculine and intimate palette with warm wood and accents of black.

My Reading Room
To demarcate the spaces clearly, the living and dining areas sit on a platform fitted with herringbone wood flooring.

In the home, shades of grey juxtapose beautifully against white finishes. A key custom idea was the island-cum-dining table, which fulfils the aim of providing a seamless flow from the island to the living area and bedroom. It also creates a visually open area that is suitable for entertaining guests, something that the homeowners often do. Hailing from New York, they brought over furniture, accessories, collectibles and lots of books. Their belongings have integrated well with the custom built-in furnishings.

My Reading Room

Not the entire home was overhauled. Although the apartment comes with a large kitchen, the owners do not cook often, so the changes to the space were mainly cosmetic. The existing cabinets were retained, but they now don new laminates and countertops for visual consistency.

At most times of the day, the home enjoys bright natural light, which is something the new layout utilises better. The master bedroom, for example, consists of the bed area and walk-in wardrobe, yet it does not feel cramped. “It’s done in a way where even the glass walk-in wardrobe receives sunlight. Thanks to the glass, it doesn’t feel claustrophobic,” says Terence.

With its new layout and material palette, this apartment is a far cry from its once-stuffy interior. Now, the interiors and the owners’ treasured belongings harmonise and complement each other in the best way possible.


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Photography DARREN CHANG Art Direction DON TAN