Chanel’s spa at the Ritz.

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Chanel’s spa at the Ritz.

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Ernest Hemingway once wrote to a friend: “When I dream of afterlife in heaven, the action always takes place in the Ritz Paris.” Well, after four years and US$450 million (S$622 million), the hotel that Coco Chanel was also fond of (she stayed there for 34 years straight), reopened for business in June this year, with the addition of the world’s first Chanel spa. Unlike most spas with 101 bells and whistles, the Chanel au Ritz Paris’ idea of “action” is focused on a very specific house massage called fasciatherapy, created by the French. It stems from the word “fascia”, which refers to the connecting tissue that protects muscles and organs, and absorbs emotional tension, which can cause our muscles to be tense and clenched. The massage borrows from the best of Western and Eastern techniques – deep, slow strokes, micro-movements and specific pressure points – to help relieve physical and emotional stress. Similar to a lymphatic drainage massage, fasciatherapy releases blockages in the lymph nodes, and relaxes the mind and body. It is the heart of all six facials and two body treatments here.

The neoclassical swimming pool looks like it was transported from the 1920s.

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A private relaxation area for spa guests in the Ritz Club (where the Chanel spa is located).

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This is not Chanel’s boutique at 31 Rue Cambon, though it intentionally looks like it; it’s the spa’s reception area.


• Don’t expect the typical Asian facial here. There is no steaming, and there are no extractions. The emphasis is on massage, massage, massage.

• The most luxurious is Le Grand Soin, a facial and body treatment tailor-made to the requirements/problem areas of the client, with a massage of the bust, arms, shoulders, back, neck and scalp lasting 40 minutes to an hour, and a skin- firming mask.

• To make the treatments more eff ective and sensorial, 19 new professional products were created. They include four massage creams corresponding to the brand’s four skincare ranges; five body-massage oils; a granule-free face scrub for a gentle peel; and a collagen-rich mask.

• All treatments start with a lengthy conversation on your lifestyle habits, and a face and skin analysis with a therapist. They end with makeup application and a complementary antioxidant-rich drink.

• The spa has five treatment rooms.

• Book your treatments online at

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