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With its unique take on design, Three-D Conceptwerke attracts design aficionados keen on edgy interiors. The team has produced stylish interpretations of interior design that are unique to every project.

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With its unique take on design, Three-D Conceptwerke attracts design aficionados keen on edgy interiors. The team has produced stylish interpretations of interior design that are unique to every project.

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Four-room HDB flat in Clementi



Itʼs easy to see why a predominantly white interior continues to be a much-loved style. Bright interiors make the home feel spacious, and create an uplifting ambience. However, achieving an all-white interior is challenging. For a space thatʼs easy on the eye, it must have perspective, depth and the right undertones. For example, the finishes make a huge difference; glossy surfaces can make a home appear cold and stark, while colour on the walls give visual variety.

Knowing the homeownersʼ preferred palette for their four-room unit and renovation budget of $50,000 (excluding furniture and furnishings), the designers from Three-D Conceptwerke worked to incorporate a cache of design ideas into the home. “Loose furnishings were used, instead of bulky built-in ones. The latter restricts the flow and visual porosity of the space,” shares the team of designers.

The living room exudes warmth, thanks to accent pieces in wood. The dining area, dressed almost entirely in white, displays subtle textures and sheer curtains. Fabric upholstery for the sofa and the use of accessories and soft furnishings like rugs give off a cosy, casual vibe.

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This sense of harmony can also be felt in the master bedroom, where soft greys and blues were used. The team proposed to have the bed propped against the windows — a concept uncommon in Asian homes — so that the greenery outside would frame the area. They also opted for an open wardrobe concealed only with thick fabric curtains that help keep dust out. Sleek, streamlined furniture, a weathered ladder rack, and fabric accessories add depth to the space.

In the master bathroom, walls are clad in white subway tiles – a stark contrast to the dark hexagonal floor tiles. Brass, vintage-style bath fixtures add character to this black-and-white space.

The heart of the home – the kitchen – has a striking blue wall that sits above a herringbone-laid backsplash. The team explains that the kitchen is designed to address fengshui concerns regarding elements such as gold, wood, water, fire and earth, which are represented by specific items in the space — gold-toned cutlery, wood flooring, the sink, the hob, and grey laminates on the cabinets representing the earth element.

The look of the kitchen may seem like it doesnʼt belong with the rest of the home, but its colours remain consistent throughout, utilising both subtle and vibrant shades to create a cohesive visual language.

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Three-room HDB flat in Sengkang



The homeowners — a young couple — of this three-room flat at Compassvale Drive wanted shades of grey in the interiors, to complement their unique collection of items.

Working together with the team at Three-D Conceptwerke, the result is a charming home reminiscent of a sensuous 1920sʼ speakeasy.

Upon entering the home, the first thing youʼll see is a violin — the owner plays the violin and saxophone — that sits on a shelf thatʼs designed as part of a customised storage unit. Blue and white Peranakan- inspired patterned tiles underfoot create a strong visual effect, while also demarcating spaces effectively. Beyond the foyer, a luscious settee serves as a transition piece from the entrance to the living room.

As space is limited in this apartment, the designers did away with a formal dining area. Instead, the customised storage unit doubles as a dining table for two — a high table was incorporated into the design.

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Distinctive Baroque-style furniture pieces dot the interior spaces, while complementing finishes in the home, such as the dark wood laminates used on the cabinets and vinyl flooring that resemble well-worn wood floors. Warm lights enhance the ambience by adding a soft glow to accentuate specific pieces in the home, including accessories such as suitcases, typewriters and footwear.

To create the master bedroom, the designers combined two bedrooms into one, at the coupleʼs request. A part of this large space became a dedicated wardrobe and display area –a standout piece in the room is a vintage-style barber chair.

With renovations amounting to $40,000, the homeʼs design addressed the ownersʼ request for function and aesthetics, providing them with a liveable space where they can proudly display their treasured finds.