Duravit’s Luv bathroom series is specifically designed to offer both form and function for the house-proud.

Portrait of Tammy Strobel

Duravit’s Luv bathroom series is specifically designed to offer both form and function for the house-proud.

The bathroom is the ultimate refuge and a space where you can go to be comfortably disconnected from the rest of the world. If you have a hectic lifestyle and an endless to-do list, building a beautiful and well equipped bathroom is the best investment you can make for your well-being. For a start, consider the look you might desire for the space – something sensual and welcoming to set the tone for a comforting and relaxing atmosphere.

Danish designer Cecilie Manz’s vision when designing Duravit’s Luv bathroom series was to combine the Nordic-inspired style with timeless elegance. The result is smooth, curvy silhouettes complete with Duravit-exclusive materials, including matte lacquers and glazes, showcasing Cecilie’s refined sense for sleek designs.

The Luv above-counter oval basins come in three sizes to fit all types of bathrooms. Made of the patented DuraCeram material, these basins embody subtle lines and clean edges. Team them with a variety of faucet choices such as countertop, wallmounted and even basinmounted ones. You have the option of a glazed basin exterior in a neutral tone like white, grey or sand to match the overall palette of your cosy, intimate bathroom. And for contrast, a glossy white glazed inner basin will stand out.

Inspired by the traditional table and water bowl, Cecilie also designed a washbasin stand in the form of a console table to complement the basins. With height-adjustable feet, it’s perfect for everyone in the family, including young children. Three widths are available, with one that can even accommodate double basins for larger bathrooms. Soothing colours like white, Nordic white, taupe, stone grey, light blue and night blue can match the bathroom’s palette or add accents to the space. With a quartz countertop and handle-free pull-out storage compartments and drawers, this piece offers fuss-free maintenance and everyday convenience.

Complete the look with the Luv bathtub, whose shape parallels that of the Luv basin. Available in freestanding, back-to-wall and corner models, it’s sure to be able to fit perfectly into your luxurious bathroom for a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home.