The right selection of appliances promises a fuss-free cooking experience and a stylish look for your kitchen.

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The right selection of appliances promises a fuss-free cooking experience and a stylish look for your kitchen.
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Are you a baker, or an aspiring home cook? Get a well-equipped kitchen outfitted with a right mix of appliances to help you whip up delicious meals for your family and guests. At the same time, cook in style by dressing your space with Brandt’s collection of ovens, microwaves, hoods and hobs that come in a selection of black and platinum finishes. Not only do they work seamlessly together, Brandt’s products also help to make the cooking space look neat and inviting.

Of course, it’s not just about looks. They function efficiently to meet the needs of various cooking preferences, too. Brandt’s 60cm oven, BXP6555, handles heavy-usage demands with its pyrolytic features. You won’t have to worry about the cleanup after, either, as it comes with a built-in self-cleaning solution. As for bakers, select a model that offers top and bottom heating, while cooks can choose among those with an additional back fan heating feature that works well in achieving evenly roasted meats and vegetables. Complement this appliance with a microwave, such as Brandt’s BMS6115, to expand cooking options, while expediting the process.

If you tend to do more wok cooking or stir frying, get an induction hob as the energy conversion efficiency far outstrips that of gas or ceramic hobs. That means, food gets cooked more quickly! It’s also safer for use as there are no flames. Brandt’s induction hob, BPI6314B, even comes with power-boost and simmering functions, to make cooking fast and fuss-free.

Don’t forget you’ll need a hood to eliminate foul odours, oil and grease. Pick a model according to the hob size — it can be equivalent or slightly larger than the hob.

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• Do not switch off your induction hob immediately after cooking. Allow the ventilation fan to cool the electrical board. Brandt’s range of hobs is designed to indicate that surfaces are hot — with a “H” sign displayed on the control panel. Simply switch off the main power after the “H” indication goes away.

• The surface of the hood to the countertop should be 650mm to 750mm to ensure maximum efficiency.

• To keep odours and grease out effectively, turn on the hood before the beginning of the cooking and leave it running after the cooking is done.
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