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The buzzy Hong Kong Street welcomes another hip establishment, Amo, by the Il Lido Group. Taking over two shophouse units, the smart-casual restaurant and bar combines Italian traditions with a contemporary setting. 

Amo, short for “amore” (love in Italian), is named after the colloquial term of endearment used across Italy, and embodies the spirit of coming together. 

Conceptualised as a social destination for the best of Italian cuisine to be shared and enjoyed among friends, Beppe De Vito, the restaurateur-chef behind the Il Lido Group, had a hands-on approach in Amo’s design. He worked with David Edwards of JPA Design on the restaurant’s laid-back, yet cool, industrial-inspired style and layout that features an open kitchen. Its post- industrial-chic look is a reflection of its location, as well as its 1950s’ origins as a warehouse, making use of strong, striking materials and textures. 

A mix of original and new design elements – exposed bricks, old-school mosaic tiles, vintage metal grilles – coupled with dark colours, deep wood tones and a hint of brass, make for a moody and trendy space. 

Upon entering, the bar preludes the restaurant, which is screened off by fluted glass panels. Even with an open layout, the place maintains a comfortable, intimate vibe, where you can watch the chefs in action in the kitchen. And with handmade ingredients made in-house, you know you’re in for quality nosh. Don’t miss out on the pizzas, especially – there’s the classic margherita DOP ($26) and romana ($22), and signature dishes like the bone marrow, wild garlic pesto and anchovy salsa verde pizza ($29) and friarielli, pancetta, pumpkin and smoked mozzarella pizza ($28, pictured above). 

Baked in an Italian-made stone wood-fired oven, using specially imported almond wood, the pizzas are flavourful but light, with a crispy yet doughy consistency. There are also other delightful specialities reimagined from Italian classic dishes, including antipasti, big plates, pasta and more, while the bar stocks Italian wines, beers and cocktails. 


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